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Diiiz offers a wide range of chairs : kitchen chairs, dining chairs, design chairs, office chairs, lounge chairs, garden chairs.

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A selection of the best Modern and Iconic Chairs at

As a matter of fact, modern and iconic chairs will never go out of style. Today modern chairs are inspired by the iconic chairs designed during the XXs century. Diiiz offers the most famous iconic chairs inspired by 100 years of Design in the world of Furnitures.

Iconic Chairs produced by the great Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Charles Eames, Le Corbusier and many others are part of Diiiz main chairs collection. But do not consider these mid-century chairs as out of fashion! As we will show you in this section, most of these iconic chairs are today promoted as modern chairs in contemporary interiors. 

Famous classic designer chairs have a funny way of transforming an ordinary room into a unique interior. As you will see below, these modern and iconic chairs can be used in various contemporary interior settings.

More than 100 models of modern and Iconic chairs are available at Diiiz

  •          The favourite mid-century chair is without any doubt the Wishbone chair designed by Hans Wegner. Designed in XXX this iconic chair
  •          Specially designed for reading and relaxation, the Organic Vitra chair inspired by Eames and Saarinen has a slightly reclining backrest and integrated armrests. The seat and armrests give to this Vitra inspired Organic chair a harmonious look. The wide and flexible shapes of the Eames Organic chair have been carefully designed to adapt as closely as possible to the morphology of its user
  •          The iconic Harry Bertoia Diamand Chair is made of wires. Despite being a classic iconic chair, the diamond chair is today used by interior designer in modern interior.
  •          The DSW chairs inspired by Eames is a modern chair very popular amongst the youngest design lovers. Today You can find the Eames DSW chairs in modern interior, bars, restaurants and coffee shop. The DSW chair is one of Diiiz best seller modern chair.
  •          Stop a bit what you were doing and have a look to this amazing iconic Chair:  The Egg Chairs
  •          The CH07 Chair also called Tripod Chair or Shell chair is a master piece designed by Hans Wegner. Hans Wegner is largely represented on All his creations and designs are unique and inspiring. The lines and the shape of this iconic chairs make it unique and modern.
  •          No need to introduce you the famous and talented French architect Le Corbusier.  At Diiiz, you can find the LC4 lounge Chair inspired by Le Corbusier. 2 versions of this iconic and modern chairs are available at Diiiz: A full leather LC4 lounge chair & a Full Cowhide LC4 chairs.
  •          The classic Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair is back at We are sure you have already seen this modern chair in several places: on the TV, in a bar, in a restaurant and now at This iconic Arne Jacobsen chair have been reedited in many new trendy colours. Pick up the one you like and which fits your interior!
  •          Built as a Tulip, with a unique central foot, the Arne Jacobsen inspired Tulip Chair is an elegant and modern chair. 
  •          Jean Prouve Standard chair has the power to be loved or hated. Robust and proud, this iconic chair mixes wood and metal. The Standard chair will be perfect in a modern and minimalistic interior. It will also be stunning in an architect office or in an industrial style open space.
  •          Jean Risom chair: The Risom chair or Risom Side chair, an original wooden chair inspired by Jens Risom. Diiiz offers a replica of the Risom chair inspired by Jens Risom and Knoll. The mix between wood chair and woven rope chair gives the Knoll Risom chair a timeless look. This modern chair by Jens Risom is ideal as a kitchen or dining room chair. However, do not hesitate to reinvent the use of the iconic Side Risom chair by using in as an office chair for example
  •          The Hans Wegner CH23 wooden chair has a wooden structure and a seat of carefully braided cord. This iconis wooden chair can be used as a kitchen or dining chair in classic interior styles. But the Hans Wegner CH23 wooden chair will also fit in more modern spaces.
  •          Diiiz offers a high-quality replica of the Norman Cherner walnut chair. A perfect example of 1950s aesthetics, the design of the Cherner chair is based on techniques which impacted on all furniture creation of the 19th century. As comfortable as it is iconic, the Norman Cherner chair in wood is robust and original, yet light and elegant at the same time, thanks to its ‘wasp waist’.

The Diiiz reproduction of the Norman Cherner chair is made from a single moulded plywood shell and a solid walnut base. Due to its sturdiness, the Scandinavian design Cherner chair can be passed down from generation to generation.

Modern chairs, designer chairs, chair for kitchen and dining room

The Diiiz Modern Chairs Collection is the result of a wide selection of modern chairs, designer chairs and exceptional dining chairs. Founded in 2013, Diiiz continually offers new ambience and style that can be found in every collection of designer chairs: Prestige chairs; Trendy chairs; Kitchen chairs; designer chairs, vintage chairs or retro chairs. A selection of modern chairs that will suit guests from Paris to Berlin via Rome, Madrid and Budapest. The chairs and armchairs are made of solid wood, plywood, metal, fabric or plastic in our workshops: the manufacture is artisanal, the gesture is precise and safe. The same love of work well done is found in every creation of Diiiz chairs, contemporary or design style.

Comfortable and solid design chairs for professionals

For professionals: communities, hotels and restaurants, furniture stores Diiiz is now recognised by furniture stores, interior designers and architects, hotel and catering professionals and as a serious and reliable company whose quality meets the expectations of the most demanding professionals

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