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Cane and curly wool, two timeless décor trends!

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2021 trend: Discover the selection of cane and curly wool furniture at Diiiz

Cane has made its grand return onto the interior décor scene. Robust, eco-responsible and definitely on trend, cane furniture has taken pride of place in our interiors.

What is cane?

It is the technique of weaving plant fibre, usually natural rattan cane. This decorative method consists of showing the linked and weaved threads and allows, depending on the chosen braid, various shapes and designs to be achieved. This makes cane a very decorative material as well as being durable and comfortable.

Cane has enjoyed several periods of huge success in history. Long forgotten by the general public, it was brought back into fashion by the famous designer Michael Thonet with the Bistrot chair, of which more than 45 million were produced between 1859 and 1903.

Since 2016, cane has made a comeback and is trendier than ever. Discover our cane furniture and add an artisanal touch to your interior décor.

Cane in your interior

The weave of natural rattan makes it possible to obtain durable and flexible furniture. This is why originally it was mainly the seats and backrests of chairs which were cane.

Today, it can be found on different furniture and trendy decorative items. It is therefore easy to integrate a natural and warm touch into your interior thanks to cane decorations.

Our cane furniture

At Diiiz, cane is available in several styles. Whatever the style of your interior, cane will fit in.

With a bohemian style:

Our small Eloria round table in cane is perfect to bring a bohemian touch to your interior. This Eloria round table or nightstand is characterised by the combination of wood and completely natural canes.

With a Scandinavian style:

Warm up a sleek Scandinavian style with cane furniture. Our Jeanne cane chair is an unmissable and always trendy designer chair which integrates perfectly in a minimalist interior.

With an industrial style:

You read correctly! Used sparingly, cane can nuance and soften an industrial décor style. With its steel frame and cane seat, our CESCA 2 or 3 seater bench is a balanced piece which will bring a unique stamp to your interior.

Additionally, cane furnture has a light and airy element, and are therefore good for room considered “small”.

Mix different colours and textures of cane

The great advantage of cane is that is goes with numerous colours and materials by giving them a whole new feel.

For example, cane matched with strong greens will make you think of something tropical while when it’s paired with velvet, it gives a more bohemian ambiance.

You now know, cane integrates perfectly with different styles and sizes of interior.

What is curly wool (or bouclé)?

Curly wool or bouclé is characterised by its visual warmth, softness and is extremely comfortable. It is obtained by its curly threads, which give it this thick and curly appearance.

Its texture is very similar to sheep’s wool, and offers a natural and authentic side, which is appreciated in decoration. Integrating a curly wool armchair into your interior will give it immediate warmth!

Sheepskin furniture (whether a curly wool armchair, pouf or a curly wool sofa) has the advantage of not wrinkling, unlike other materials.

The small fluffy curls are particularly pleasant in winter thanks to their soft and cosy appearance, but are equally suitable for summer. The curly wool furniture collection does not have removeable covers.

Our bouclé fabric furniture

Diiiz recently released its collection of bouclé fabric furniture. This collection with round shapes and Scandinavian style has seduced numerous design lovers. In particular the Ibiza bouclé armchair. Its high density foam padding covered in synthetic sheepskin makes this Scandinavian style armchair very agreeable to touch thanks to its softness.

Furniture upholstered in cosy wool will easily fit in in a contemporary setting. The August curly wool sofa will fit in perfectly to a designer living room. Also padded with high density foam, it seems to be one of the most comfortable sheepskin effect sofas in the range.

Pair up cane and curly wool

Are you in love with cane and curly wool? Not to worry! At Diiiz we offer the Magali armchair which combines curly wool and rattan cane! The combination of these two materials gives an authentic effect to this lounge chair. You’re also free to combine a pretty sheepskin effect armchair with a cane side table in your living room. Or conversely, an iconic Jeanne natural cane chair with a small curly wool pouf.

Are you interested in curly wool and would like to feel its softness before ordering? Don’t hesitate to request a fabric sample via the product pages on our site (the “Request a sample” button below the “Add to basket” button)!

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