Why choose a wooden designer chair?

Whether you're looking for a traditional, modern, contemporary or unusual touch for your interior, a wooden chair is decorative item in itself, able to define the ambiance of your room at a glance. 

Opt for a timeless wooden designer chair

The décor of a dining room is often very reflective. All the elements are important and must offer a certain harmony. If the choice of table is crucial, the chairs around it are just as crucial. There is one point that should not be overlooked when choosing: the choices made now will stay with you for many years. In fact we generally don’t think about the décor of the dining room every year.

That’s why choosing a classic wooden chair can be a good solution. Not for us to bring together the idea of the classics being boring. As with a designer chair: beech wood. The Glavo wooden designer chair, inspired by Danish design, has three adjectives which describe it perfectly: vintage, sleek, and contemporary. In the same range, we can also appreciate the Woody designer chair. Both are available in multiple colours which allows you to match them harmoniously to your table. The sleek lines also offer a particular lightness, ideal for avoiding a visually busy dining room.

A wooden chair for comfort

Comfort must also not be ignored. A wooden chair can be both comfortable and beautifully designed, which is shown in the ANTI chair model. 

A well designed wooden chair which is stackable, stable, and light. Its uniqueness is in its moulding as the seat and backrest are a single piece. This provides flexibility for the backrest and allows it to shape to your figure perfectly.

It can’t be missed that the design of these chairs is particular. It could even qualify as minimalist. These wooden chairs will easily find a place in your dining room as well as your kitchen. The ANTI wooden chairs are available in different colours, allowing you to vary the colours of your interior. To take the mismatched yet harmonious décor even further, mix the models. So the Formula 1 wooden chair presents a similar yet different design.

A wooden chair for elegance

Wood is often considered a noble material, synonymous with refinement. And for good reason: the Wishbone wooden chair embodies elegance, timelessness, and design. This is an iconic and timeless chair. Do you doubt its success? The first Wishbone chair went into production in 1949 and hasn’t stopped yet. This wooden chair with armrests is therefore a symbol, but also a sure bet in terms of design. A wooden frame and a rattan seat guarantee a sturdy and very comfortable chair. If you are looking for a Scandinavian style chair, the Wishbone chair will surely meet your wishes.

A wooden chair for a contemporary décor

A truly decorative object in its own right, the wooden chair can perfectly dress a corner of one of your living rooms. Like the Paon chair which you can easily imagine decorating a library or a reading corner. The structure of this wooden chair is made of beech, a material known for its durability and natural grain. Its rattan seat gives the seat a warm aspect.

This bohemian design chair also goes very well in a Scandinavian style interior. Its armrests make it even more comfortable and invites you to cocoon yourself in it. In terms of design, this lounge chair is certainly a sure bet.

A wooden chair for originality

Finally, design can also be synonymous with originality which is shown in the Risom wooden chair. This wooden chair is unique in having a seat and backrest in rope. It's very comfortable and will find a place in your dining room as well as your office. 

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