Top chair trends for 2020

The chair is a crucial piece of furniture within any space. Whether it’s a bold statement piece to compliment the colour of your wallpaper, or a subtle addition chosen primarily for comfort; it holds a certain importance. Its versatility means that it can be easily featured as the centre piece in one room and sit as an understated accessory in the next.

The world of interior design always keeps us on our toes. There’s a lot to expect from 2020 in terms of chairs. Just take a look at the following links and the differences in style between each piece to see why. Whether our focus has been on our iconic chairs, modern lighting or stylish velvet beds, we’re lucky that we always have something that we know our audience will love. Here are 4 upcoming chair trends you should look out for this year.

Natural fabric chairs

Choosing the material for new soft furnishings can be difficult, especially if you’re indecisive! We’ve noticed an increased interest in the natural fabric chair design recently and it isn’t hard to see why.

Choosing a chair in natural fabric means that you have endless varieties of colour/shade to choose from, your mood board can stay flexible and your mind can stay well and truly open. With soft, sophisticated, breathable textures, natural fabric will allow for a comfortable lounge in all seasons.

Wooden chairs

If wood is known for one thing, it’s timelessness. Any piece of wooden furniture is almost guaranteed to bring a feel of warmth and solidity to your decor. It’s strong, durable and very long lasting - making it incredibly cost-effective.

The uptake in wooden chairs has been no surprise to us here at Diiiz. Because of wood’s warm neutral tones, it goes well with whatever you pair it with. Meaning you can easily bring a new look and feel to your home whenever you fancy a change.

Sustainable chairs

Recent statistics show that designer furniture expenditure increased by a huge 21% over the last few years. So, the focus around sustainability has been well-awaited. More brands are thankfully trying to help our planet by creating products that aren’t harmful to the environment, reducing consumers’ carbon footprint. Unsurprisingly, sustainable chairs are only growing in popularity.

You may be wondering just how visually pleasing sustainable, modern chairs can be. The truth is, chairs can be both stylish and sustainable. If your new favourite chair is sitting in your living room looking contemporary, chic and is also helping the environment, you’re doing something right.

Natural aspect chairs

We’ve noticed that interest in aspect chairs has risen a lot recently and they’re set to become even more popular in 2020. Most commonly found in more formal settings (perhaps a home office or workplace), the detail, function and style of natural aspect chairs will be admired by everyone who visits.

We think the best thing about natural aspect chairs is that they pronounce understated simplicity, but almost demand to be noticed at the same time.

While we’ve anticipated these chair styles to be some of the most popular of 2020, we’re intrigued to see what other trends the year will bring. Take a browse through our site to view the chairs we have to offer and introduce your new favourite piece of iconic furniture to your safe haven.

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