Economical outdoor designer chairs: the best models for summer 2021

Dreaming of summer and looking to prepare your patio by buying economical outdoor designer chairs?  Looking to pamper the customers of your restaurant or hotel?  Discover the best models of economical outdoor designer chairs.

Why choose economical outdoor designer chairs?

Economical outdoor chairs are perfect for furnishing your patio.  You can opt for elegant, bold, light, or all the above.  You can choose the materials, colours, and shapes of your economical outdoor designer chairs to fully match your décor and existing patio furniture.  

The economical designer chair is also much more affordable than classic designer chairs, which can cost up to several hundred euros each.

The best outdoor designer chairs

Here are the best models of outdoor designer chairs to furnish your patio.

Mexico chair

The economical designer Mexico outdoor chair is an exotic and striking chair that will turn heads.  Inspired by designer armchairs from 1950s Mexico, this outdoor designer chair is as comfortable as it is beautiful.  It is perfect for spending time outdoors in a holiday mood.  The Acapulco chair is made from PVC resin threads.  Its feet are made of metal. 

It is available in 5 different colours from Diiiz. 

Palm Spring chair

The Palm Spring outdoor chair is one of the high-end economical outdoor designer chairs.  The seat is made of braided ropes which have been treated for UV rays and are weather resistant.  

Unmatched in quality, the Palm Spring chair with its waterproof cushion and removable cover are available from Diiiz.  

Saint-Tropez chair

The Saint-Tropez outdoor designer chair is luxurious and elegant.  Also resistant to UV and weathering, it promises long summer evenings spent with friends and family.  It is also very comfortable and comes with two cushions, one for the seat and one for the backrest.  The Saint-Tropez chair is also available in a 4-set with cushions and there is also a garden table to match. 

Lix chair

The Lix chair is an economical outdoor designer chair with an industrial style.  Made entirely of metal, it is available in 8 colours, ranging from neutral colours like black, grey, and white, to vibrant colours like red and yellow.  The Lix chair is perfect for your patio!

Toledo chair

The Toledo outdoor chair is made entirely of polished aluminium and is durable and timeless.  It is ideal for cafés, hotel terraces and eating places.  Modern and comfortable, the Toledo chair will impress your guests, no matter where you set it up. 

Palermo chair

The economical Palermo designer outdoor chair is an elegant chair model.  Its simple and elegant lines add a touch of modernity to a terrace or garden.  There is a classic model and lounge stool model to meet all needs.  It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and would fit well in homes, restaurants, and bars.  All three versions are available in black and white.

Belli chair

The Belli chair is one of the most famous models of economical outdoor designer chairs.  Modern and comfortable, it is made from matt plastic and comes in 5 different colours.  Its high backrest and slender shape make it instantly recognisable.  The Bellini chair has been an icon amongst designer chairs since its creation in the 70s. 

Parino chair

The Parino chair combines simplicity and finesse.  It takes its style from traditional rattan chairs although it is made of plastic.  Comfortable and elegant, it comes in a range of colours.  

And many more models for you to discover…

Diiiz has created a wide range of outdoor designer chairs.  You can find models such as Tessa chair, Bittal chair, Hyge lounge chair or Capri chair on our website.  Browse the selection to discover them all.

Buying an economical outdoor designer chair with impeccable service and a high level of quality is possible with Diiiz.

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