Economical designer chairs – decoration on a budget

Looking for a designer chair to embellish your interior?  Many believe that the price tag of designer chairs makes them inaccessible.  But rest assured, there are economical designer chairs to suit all budgets.

Advantages of economical designer chairs

Economical designer chairs are a true asset indoors and out!

  • Appearance – designer chairs are very striking and add character to your décor.
  • Versatile – designer chairs come in many different models, materials, and colours.  There are models of designer chairs for the office, dining room, outdoors, living room, etc…The materials used are also very varied.  You can choose the model of designer chair that best suits you and your home.
  • Good value for money – "designer chair" and "economical" can go in the same sentence.  An economical designer chair looks just as good and offers a similar level of quality as high-priced designer chairs.  Truly, an option accessible to all budgets allowing you to benefit for all the advantages of designer chairs.

The best models of economical designer chairs

Discover the best models of economical designer chairs that Diiiz has to offer.

Economical outdoor designer chairs

There are many models of economical outdoor designer chairs:

  • Plastic chairs – these are the most durable and easy to maintain models.  Some example, Acapulco chair, Viento chair, Magis chair…
  • Metal chairs – economic designer metal garden chairs are also very durable.  Some examples, Moskov chair, Terek chair, Toledo chair…
  • Fabric chairs – the braided cord and fabric combine perfectly for a very striking result.  Some examples, Palm Spring chair, Twisted chair, Tessa chair…

Economical indoor designer chairs

For inside, Diiiz also has a range of models of economical designer chairs.

  • Wooden chairs – warm and suitable for all styles, the wooden designer chair is one of the most popular models.  For example, Wishbone chair, the wooden Glavo chair, Anti chair, Formula 1 chair… 
  • Plastic chairs – plastic chairs are known for their strength and practicality.  For example, Vic chair, Transformer chair, Rose chair…
  • Velvet chairs – economical velvet chairs are elegant and luxurious and will impress your guests.  For example, Bella chair, Veil chair…

Economical designer chairs – some advice on how to choose

Looking for economical designer chairs for your home or garden?  Here are our tips to help you make the right choice.

Choose the right material / colour

When choosing the material and the colour ask yourself about your current tastes and preferences, but also consider them in the long run.  Do you want a very trendy model with the risk that it could fall out of fashion?  Or a more timeless model that you can keep for a long time?  Timeless models are usually the most popular, as designer chairs are very durable, and most people prefer to keep them for as long as possible.

The choice of material must also be adapted to your lifestyle.  If you don’t have a lot of time to maintain your chairs, or have pets who like to scratch, avoid velour or fabric.  Plastic and metal will be more suitable for your economical designer chair.

Consider your decoration as a whole

Remember that your designer chairs should fit into your overall decoration.  If your chairs are intended for your home, make sure they match the style of the room in question.  If you go for garden chairs, choose your other garden furniture to match your chairs.

Don’t forget comfort

The level of comfort of your economical designer chairs is very important to make you feel at home and for your guests to relax.  Kitchen and dining chairs should be the most comfortable as you will spend a lot of time at the table.  Your office chair and the chairs in the living room should also be ergonomic and comfy. 

Chairs with a high backrest and with armrests are the most comfortable.  Fabric, velvet, and leather are also considered the nicest feeling materials. 

Choose quality

Buying an economical designer chair doesn’t mean you can have high-quality designer chairs.  Buy your chair from a reliable store and look at the finishes to ensure the chair’s build quality. 

No time to go a showroom?  Diiiz offer a vast selection of models of high-quality economical designer chairs through its online store.  The materials and finishes of each model are detailed on our website and accompanied by images, ensuring you have all the information you ned to make your choice.  Shipping is free and we accept returns within 14 days. 

Taking care of your economical designer chairs

To be able to enjoy your economical designer chairs for as long as possible, the most important thing is to maintain them properly.  Depending on the materials that make up your chairs, the maintenance methods are different.

Plastic chairs – a soft cloth dampened with soapy water us sufficient to clean your plastic chairs.  Avoid rough sponges so as not to scratch your designer chairs.

Fabric chairs – be careful not to rub the stains directly so that they absorb into the fabric.  Do not fully wet the chair, moisten it slightly and dab at the stained area.

Wooden chairs – use a product specially designer for wood or a damp cloth.

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