Why choose a modular sofa : 6 good reasons

What is a modular sofa ?

A modular sofa is a sofa made up of several modules making it fully customisable. It’s up to you to choose the number of seats, the layout, and the colour(s) according to your and needs.
Modular sofas are an ingenious furniture solution from several points of view. They offer advantages which you cannot find in standard sofas.
Modular sofas are true chameleons! Continue reading to discover their unique qualities as well as to see the full range of modular sofas available from Diiiz!

6 reasons to choose a modular sofa

  • Optimise your space

Nothing is more frustrating than a sofa that doesn’t fit properly into a room, right?  Well, that isn’t likely to happen with a modular sofa!  You can arrange the number of modules that you want, the way you want and enjoy a perfectly optimised, functional, and trendy living space.  You have the freedom to create the custom-made sofa of your dreams! 

And that’s not all!  Since they are modules, this means you can place them wherever you want.  Fancy a headrest right next to the seats?  No problem.  Want to create a reading and relaxation corner in the same room, but apart?  Even this is possible, all with the same sofa!   

  • Adaptable for any occasion

In addition to the initial layout you have chosen, your modular sofa will adapt to the rhythm of your life, sometimes at the forefront, sometimes in the background, of each of your life events.  Adjust it to make a cosy atmosphere one day, again to create a space for a small aperitif with family or friends the next, and adjust again to host a reception requiring more central space the week after…No problem at all, your sofa is fully flexible! 

  •     Create a surprising sofa 

Speaking of modular sofas means speaking about sofas which are fully customisable, down to the smallest details.  We have already mentioned the possibility of choosing the size and layout of your sofa, but you can also combine different colours thanks to the independent modules.  Why settle for a monochrome sofa? Add a unique and unexpected touch to your décor and surprise those around you! 

  •     Adopt the chameleon sofa

A flat and a house do not require the same furniture.  Too often, the transition from living in one to the other involves a change of furniture.  This is not the case with a sofa made up of various modules!  If your needs change, all you have to do is readjust the positioning of the modules and/or add some new parts to your modular sofa, and voila !

  •     Move home more easily

You don’t necessarily think about it before it happens, but when moving, the sofa is one of the bulkiest pieces of furniture making it complicated to move and transport.  Here too, the modular sofa has a significant advantage.  It is easier to take it out of the house, load, and unload too.

  •     Control your decoration budget

The modular sofas from Diiiz have been selected to be accessible to all budgets.  And above all, the unique selling point of modular sofas means that you can start small, with one or two modules, for example, and continue adding until you have created your ideal sofa.  It will therefore adapt to your budget and grow, with you, over time.  They allow you to acquire the interior décor of your dreams, without depleting your cash flow.

Discover the designer modular sofas from Diiiz

Have we convinced you?  Diiiz offers a wide selection of the trendiest modular sofas.  As always, we have thought of all fans of designer furniture and have selected unique pieces to suit every interior décor style.    

Chic and luxurious

Our modular sofa TULLY is available in a wide range of colours, formats and modules.  It is adaptable to your interior, regardless of the space available.  It would most suit an industrial interior.  Choose a deep velvet colour such as blue or dark green to add an extreme sense of luxury.  

Cosy and welcoming

The CAMELIA upholstered modular sofa will seduce you with its curvaceous square look.  In curly wool, it is perfect for bringing a softness to the purity of Scandinavian design.  In velvet, it would suit a Bohemian ambience providing warmth without overloading the room.   In addition, both the curly wool and velvet versions are available in a very wide range of colours. Whatever your choice, the unique curves with make this a true accent piece of your décor

Clean and (not necessarily) restrained

For lovers of clean lines, Diiiz presents the  HYGE SOFT modular sofa. Its "Tetris" block appearance offers enough restraint to allow you to have fun with the layout and colours of the modules without taking too many risks.    Diiiz has this sofa in a range of 10 trendy colours specifically chosen for our customers, take your pick !

Discover the rest of our sofas here.

A few points to get the most out of your modular sofa :

  • Remember to check that the dimensions of the sofa will fit with your room’s layout. Always measure the space where the different modules of the sofa will go.

  • Take into account the different accessories in your home, such as end tables, side tables, etc.

  • Check that any shelves are high enough to not interfere with the placing of the sofa.

  • Another important point: measuring your doors! Whilst this may seem obvious, it is easily overlooked.  You must be sure that your modular sofa will fit through your main door, hallways and into the room where it will be placed.  Make sure to take all the measurements of the access points (length, width, depth, etc.)

Diiiz is here to guide you

As always, our advisers are available to guide you to the modular sofa that is right for you

When it comes to the choice of materials and colours, do not hesitate to request fabric samples directly via the website, from the page relating to the sofa that you like.

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