Well-known designer floor lamps

Well-known designer floor lamps: 3 models under €250

Looking to buy an outstanding piece to complete your look, and pondering a well-known designer floor lamp? Combining the practical and the aesthetic, they are an excellent choice to add character to your interior.  Their only downside is that their price tag sometimes makes them inaccessible.  Discover the most iconic models, as well as three models of well-known designer floor lampsthat cost less than €250.

Why invest in a well-known designer floor lamp?

Floor lamps are one of the most practical types of lights: they do not require additional electrical wiring, can be moved easily from room to room, and they are usually not bulky.  Some can be adjusted, allowing you to change the direction of light according to your activity, others contain a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the intensity of the light.  Your choice of floor lamp can completely change the mood of a room, because once the sun sets, it is what will bring light into your room.   

Why invest in a well-known designer floor lamp?  In addition to giving out light, a well-known designer floor lampadds character and elegance to your interior.  A considerable bonus whilst retaining the practicality of a lamp. 

The lamp designers you should know

Well-known floor lamp designers have made their mark on the world of interior design with iconic models you will certainly recognise.  Here are some of the famous personalities:

  • Le Corbusier: Charles-Edouard Jeanneret to give him his full name, Le Corbusier was a pioneer of modern architecture.  This 20th century Franc-Swiss designer is best known for his “De Marseille” lamp.
  • Lisbeth and Gubi Olsen: these Danish designers were a couple, and are known for their post-modernist style, and many famous designs.  Among them, the famous “Grasshopper” floor lamp.
  • Arne Jacobsen: another Danish designer, who was known not just for his furniture designs, but also for his lights.  The AJ lamp has become an icon.
  • Serge Mouille: 20th century French industrial designer Serge Mouille left behind many models of well-known floor lamps such as the floor lamp with 3 swivel arms. 

Some well-known designer lamp models

  • The 3-armed floor lamp: Serge Mouille designed this lamp to recall nature, as it has an appearance reminiscent of an insect or a plant.
  • The ODA floor lamp: designed by Sebastian Herkner, a particularly innovative German designer, this balloon-shaped lamp which rests of 4 feet is unique and pioneering.  It brings a cosy atmosphere to the room where it is located thanks to its use of smoked glass.
  • The SPUN floor lamp: an unmistakable creation of the English designer Sebastian Wong, this designer floor lamp is made from metal, and with its clean lines, offers a light directed towards the ceiling and the floor.  The base and lampshade of this floor lamp harmonize perfectly for a result which is both modern and timeless.
  • The Arco floor lamp: designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1964, this iconic floor lamp has inspired many others.  With its marble base, long stainless-steel pole and half-sphere-shaped lampshade, the Arco floor lamp is characterized by its use of contrasting materials. 

How much does a well-known designer lamp cost?

The question that many people ask before buying a well-known designer floor lamp is about the price.  Indeed, like all iconic furniture, designer floor lamps are not always cheap.  They can reach several hundred, or even several thousand euros depending on the model.

3 well-known designer floor lamps for under €250

Fortunately, not all well-known designer floor lamps are overpriced.  Here are 3 models available from Diiiz for under €250. 

Modelo floor lamp

The Modelo floor lamp is a metal tripod lamp.  This is a minimalist lamp with an industrial appearance and would be perfect in the living room to light up a sofa or placed next to a desk.

AGI floor lamp

The AGI floor lamp is adjustable, allowing for direct and controlled lighting.  It is perfectly suited for a living room or bedroom.  Refined and elegant, it is adaptable to all types of decoration.

Tripod floor lamp

The Tripod floor lamp is a great classic revisited.  Featuring a fabric lampshade and a refined tripod base, it is perfect for both contemporary or more traditional interiors

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