Velvet chairs: a must-have for your interior

Luxurious and chic, velvet chairs bring a unique touch to your interior. Discover why and how to arrange designer velvet chairs in your home.

Velvet chairs: luxury at home

Originally from Asia, velvet was originally the fabric of kings and the wealthy. It crossed the continent via the Silk Road and arrived in Europe with Italian merchants from Venice and Geneva. This fabric is soft to the touch and delicate to the eye, it is a timeless trend and still appears regularly on the catwalks of haute couture fashion shows.

At home, velvet fits well with modern as well as traditional interiors and brings a touch of luxury without extra extravagance. 

Today velvet is available in numerous colours and suits all styles.

The advantages of velvet chairs

Why choose a velvet chair? The reasons are endless.

  • Velvet is very versatile: are you looking for a sophisticated style? Velvet is a glamourous fabric par excellence. Do you want a cosy and relaxing interior? What is more comforting that the touch of velvet? Whatever style you’re looking for, velvet chairs will fit perfectly into your interior.
  • Velvet is easy to maintain: do you know that velvet is one of the easiest to maintain fabrics? A simple brush or gentle hoover is enough to clean velvet chairs.
  • It is available in numerous colours: often velvet chairs are associated with strong and vibrant colours, but it is also available in more neutral tones.
  • Velvet is solid: thanks to the manufacturing method which requires both gluing and weaving, velvet is extremely durable and stress resistant.
  • Velvet is luminous: velvet is a double toned material, depending on the direction of the pile, it offers a fun contrast and reflects the light. 

Different types of velvet

Yes, there is more than just one type of velvet. Discover those which would best suit velvet chairs.

  • Silk velvet: a soft and lustrous appearance, silk velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world. It is also delicate and must be saved for rarely used objects and protected from sunlight.
  • Cotton velvet: cotton velvet is the most durable variety. The result is often mat, but viscose can be added to make it shiny.
  • Synthetic velvet: synthetic velvet is also very durable and is ideal for furniture that is used often such as chairs.
  • Crushed velvet: very lustrous, it is a material which stays on peoples’ minds.
  • Corduroy: this velvet gives a nice pattern to the material. The columns, which give this lined effect can be wide or narrow to give it different finishes. Corduroy is more trendy than ever and is likely to feature in many interiors on sofas and designer chairs.

How to choose your velvet chair

Velvet is used on many models of designer chairs: Bella velvet chair, Easy velvet lounge chair; but also on designer armchairs: Lula velvet armchair, Joni armchair…Choosing your model depends on your tastes, but also on the other furniture in the room where you’d like it to go.

As for the colour, you have the choice between two tones: rich and glamourous, or pastel and neutral.

  • Rich tones such as gold, emerald and royal blue look particularly good when the rest of the room is decorated in more neutral colours and goes wonderfully well with black, white, and golden accents.
    • Pastel tones such as poweder pink, mint green, and light blue are elegant and add a sophisticated touch as well as bringing a breath of fresh air to your interior.

How to clean velvet chairs?

As mentioned above, velvet is not a demanding fabric to maintain. Simply do these few things to keep your velvet chairs in a perfect state for many years:

  • clean stains immediately by dabbing with a paper towel before the fabric soaks it in;
  • regularly brush your velvet chairs to keep its shine; 
  • vacuum it occasionally to clean the dust

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