Unique design floor lamps

Unique design floor lamps: 4 models that will surprise you

Looking to add a unique and personal touch to your interior design?  Opt for a unique design floor lamp.  More than just a simple lamp, it is a true work of art that lights up a room.  Hover over the unique design floor lamps and discover 4 surprising models.   

What is a unique design floor lamp?

unique design floor lamp is a category of floor lamp.  Like all lamps, it lights up a room, but it has an additional characteristic: its form is unique and surprising.  

Why choose a unique design floor lamp?

unique design floor lamp will be a hit with your guests and will stay in their minds.  It is an innovative way to stand out from the crowd and show off your creativity through your furnishings.  Truly, an exceptional object that will attract attention.    

4 unmissable models of unique design floor lamps

Don’t know which model of unique design floor lamp to choose?  Discover these 4 original models, unmissable and surprising.    

Trompets Boots floor lamp

The Trumpets Boots floor lamp is a must have for music lovers.  Featuring 8 trumpets orientated in various directions to scatter the light in an optimal way, it is elegant, original, and very chic.  It creates a warm and refined atmosphere and is perfect for a high design living room. 

Spider floor lamp

The Spider floor lamp is a model by the eponymous designer.  This unique design floor lamp is available in two versions: the single-arm lamp and the three-arm lamp.  In both versions, the arms swivel, allowing you to direct the light in the direction you want. 

Arco floor lamp

The Arco floor lamp is a very modern model characterized by the contrast between materials and shapes: a solid marble foot offset by a stainless-steel pole which suspends a half-sphere lamp.  The Arco floor lamp integrates into any room and allows you to bring targeted light to your sofa, coffee table or desk.

Cheval floor lamp

The Cheval floor lamp is probably the most uniquely designed model of this selection.  This unique design floor lamp is a single, voluminous, and imposing piece.  Available in matte or gloss finish, this is the perfect piece of furniture for your hotel lobby or for a spacious living room. 

Choosing your unique design floor lamp

unique design floor lamp is a purchase which should not be undertaken lightly. Even though models can be found at affordable prices, they are nonetheless a significant investment.  Moreover, you want to be able to enjoy your lamp for many years to come, so you need to be sure that you won’t get bored of it! 

  • Choose your unique design floor lamp according to the room it is for: a floor lamp that offers soft light is appropriate for the living room or bedroom.  For the kitchen, office, or dining room, it is better to have a model which gives direct light. 
  • Remember to take your current design into account.  If the room that will feature the floor lamp is very traditional, avoid the more eccentric models which are better suited to modern interiors.  If you have gone for an industrial design, choose a metal floor lamp in the same tones as your other furniture. 
  • Pay attention to your choice of bulbs: there is nothing more disappointing than a splendid unique design floor lamp equipped with the wrong bulbs.  As a rule, opt for yellow light or LED bulbs for the best effect.

Where can you find a unique design floor lamp?

To buy a unique design floor lamp, choose a reliable supplier who comes with good reviews.  Ideally, you should be able to easily access the technical specifications of the floor lamp as its characteristics.  A good supplier should also be able to guide you to make the best choice in accordance with your tastes and needs.

At Diiiz, you can choose your floor lamp online.  All information about our models is available online and ordering is as simple as a few clicks.  We manufacture your floor lamp on demand, and deliver directly to your home, hotel, or restaurant. 

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