The 4 tips for choosing the correct height of your bar chair

This is a tough question which has vexed many a person.  What seat height should I choose for my bar chair

This seems like a simple question, yet many others come along with it:

45, 60, 75, 90 cm?  How much space should I leave between my bar stool and the table?  Will my elbows be too high up?  Should I choose a stool with a back?  Should I choose one with armrests?

The seat height of your bar stool: a negotiation between comfort and style!

Here you will find a simple guide to choosing the ideal height for your tall chair.  This handy guide will also help you answer other questions about the design and comfort of your stool.We've also put together a selection of trendy bar stools not to be missed in 2019! 

What will be the function of your bar stool?

Whether it is being employed for private or professional use, bar stools are a star item and must be chosen with due care.  When designing a restaurant, bar or kitchen which will require bar stools these must be suitable for the future needs of the space.  therefore, the bar stool you choose should consider the comfort of the seat as well as It’s atheistic appearance since it will be a centre piece of your decoration.  

It is important to have good ergonomics, sitting and posture regardless of the use of your bar stool.The height of the seat of a bar stool is therefore an essential criterion that must combine design, comfort and quality.

4 essential questions:

1. How tall is my bar, counter, table, island or worktop?

This is the starting point!

In order to ensure a good position, once seated, the choice of your tall chair depends on the height of your surface.

The recommendation is to leave a gap of around 30-35 cm between the bar stool and the upper edge of the ledge.  It is best to keep an approximate distance of 10 cm between your legs and the bottom edge of the table. 

2. How will the tall chair be employed?

How often will these tall chairs be used? Is this a place to have a drink or a meal? for private or commercial use?  In a public space?  By adults or children? Will your guest stay seated for a long time or do you need a bar stool for quick and easy use?

3. A Bar Design stool: with or without armrest?

This choice is directly related to the answers of the previous question and your own personal taste.

Tip: If you opt for a bar chair with armrests, consider the height of the seat in relation to your surface and not the height of the armrests. In some cases, the bar stool will not fit under your counter.  It will then be necessary to ensure you have enough space surrounding it.

4. Bar chair: with or without backrest?

The answers on the use of your bar stool will allow you to make your choice for a bar chair with or without a backrest.

We tend to think that a bar stool is more comfortable with a high back, but the maintenance and comfort is also defined by the ergonomics of the seat and the material used.

bar chair without a backrest will slide more easily under your surface to free up space and not clutter the room.

Tip: If you opt for a bar chair with backrest, take into account the height of the seat in relation to the surface and not the height of the backrest.

Once the height of the bar stool is determined, consider the style of your interiors and choose your bar stool to match your designs!

Our range bar stools in pictures

45 cm low stool

A 45 cm low stool, similar to a classic chair which will fit perfectly with a 75 cm high standard table. Use them around a table and do not hesitate to mix the colours!

Decorative idea: this type of 45 cm low stool can be used in other rooms of the house. It can be used as a bedside table in a room or as a small pedestal table in your lobby. In the living room, the low stool allows to multiply the seats next to the sofa.

65 cm high bar chair

A 65 cm high bar chair is suitable for a bar/counter height of 90-95 cm in height.

75 cm high bar stool

A high stool measuring 75 cm is ideal for a table, a bar or counter 100-105 cm high.

Diiiz adviceFor optimal comfort and seating, we advise you to opt for a stool with footrest.

The stool: trendy!

The layout of the interior space evolves over time!  Traditionally, "cocooning" was favoured, and each room was designed to meet a well-defined function. Nowadays, the trend is reversed and gives way to "hiving"! Unlike "cocooning", rooms are decompartmentalized and centralized creating a space for everything in one place.

The kitchen is the perfect example to illustrate this movement / change. It has become the centre piece of the house and even replaces the dining room.  The open plan kitchen, defined by a bar, is ubiquitous thanks to its friendly, familial and welcoming space.

That's why the popularity of the bar stool continues to grow. The tall chair is the essential element and represents a considerable asset in the design of an interior space!

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Bedankt voor het artikel! Zeer noodzadelijk!


Bedankt voor het artikel! Zeer noodzadelijk!

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