Lighting the modern bedroom

We all want to create a comforting place to relax and rest our heads at night, and lighting plays a surprisingly big part of what makes a space relaxing. In many way, the bedroom is the hardest rooms to light successfully. It should be bright enough when we are trying to get ready but should also have the potential to become cosy at night – whilst also accommodating activities such reading in bed. Here are some of the things you should consider when are attempting to light a bedroom.

Ambient Lighting

This is the type of lighting used to provide even, overall light to a room and usually takes the form of a single, overhead light. But don’t think that you need to stick to a single pendulum light. While these can be stylish, there are many other options out there which can prove just as effective, such as the Serge Mouille 3 arm ceiling lamp. Since each of the arms of this ceiling light can be articulated and repositioned, it allows you to control the spread of light throughout the room


Accent lighting is used to create certain zones or focal points around a room. There are many different modern lighting solutions you can choose when trying to create these focal points. The most obvious choice is with a stylish bedside lamp. The right bedside lamp will throw a soft light across the bed and create a welcoming environment for rest.

You can also add more accent lights around the room to create further zones. For example, the AGI Floor Lamp  would look fantastic in a reading nook or next to a dressing table. With the right accent lighting, you will be able to divide the room up however you choose.


Task lighting is used to help light a certain space when performing specific tasks. For example, a desk lamp in an office or spotlights over a kitchen island are both fine examples of task lighting. In a bedroom, you often don’t need specific task lighting as the bedside lamp often functions in this manner. When choosing a bedside lamp, make sure that it would be bright enough for things like reading a book.

Other Things to Consider

When you are selecting the right lighting for your bedroom, it is always wise to stay away from cool-toned bulbs. Anything with an overly blue tinge is likely to reduce the amount of melatonin our bodies produce and prevent us from having a good night’s sleep. Sticking with warm yellow-tinged bulbs is the best thing for a bedroom.

You should also make sure that you are balancing the light well. The more ways you have to light the room, the more combinations you have when it comes to making sure that everything is nicely lit.

Try not to exceed 4000 lumens as this is considered too bright for a bedroom. With these tips in hand, it won’t be long before you have put together the perfectly lit modern bedroom of your dreams. Start thinking about the lighting fixtures you would like to include in your bedroom now.

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