Inexpensive designer chairs – the best models for your living room

Have you always dreamt of furnishing your living room with designer chairs?  Thanks to our range of inexpensive designer chairs from our online store, this dream can become reality!  Stylish and suitable for all budgets, inexpensive designer chairs are becoming ever-more popular.  Discover the best models of inexpensive designer chairs and which model to choose for your living room.

Why choose a designer chair for your living room?

Often overlooked, chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in the living room.  Not only do they occupy visual space, but they are also the place you go to sit down with family and friends. 

Designer chairs are chairs which have been designed with particular focus on their appearance as well as comfort.  If you want to spruce up your living room and create a Pinterest-worthy interior, designer chairs are an extremely important feature. 

Designer chairs are striking and distinctive.  They come in all styes so you can choose a model that matches your interior. 

Designer chairs will impress your guests whether you choose extravagant, neutral, traditional, modern, etc.

The biggest objection to designer chairs is price with some models being very expensive causing many people to give up the idea of ever owning designer furniture.  Fortunately, there are many models of inexpensive designer chairs.

Some famous designers

Some chair designers have left their mark on the world of interior design with models lasting the test of time.  Here are some names you should know:

  • Charles & Ray Eames: Charles and his wife Ray are the creators of the famous Eames armchair and Eames DSW chair.
  • Eero Saarinen: American designer of Finnish origin, Eero Saarinen was the designer of many well-known chair models such as the Tulip chair and the Conference chair.
  • Arne Jacobsen: Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen is one of the biggest names in the Danish functionalist movement.  He advocated for functional and rational architecture.
  • Marcel Breuer: interested in shapes and modular constructions, Marcel Breuer is one of the fathers of modernism.  His chairs are characterised by their clean shapes and originality.

When looking for an inexpensive designer chair keep an eye out for these important names.  Don’t just focus on them, however, many lesser-known designers deserve your attention as well.  Some designers revisit the classics of designer chairs in their own way, resulting in some very interesting creations.

The best models of inexpensive designer chairs for your living room

Even the best designer chairs won’t necessarily work if they don’t match the décor of your living room.  Here are some models of inexpensive designer chairs to consider based on your current décor.

Wishbone chair

The Wishbone designer chair is made entirely of wood.  Light, minimalist and striking, the Wishbone chair is ideal for Scandi or modern style living rooms.

Vanilla chair

The Vanilla chair is timeless.  Recognizable due to its unique shape, the Vanilla chair is perfect to accompany your living room coffee table.  It is particularly suited to a modern style living room.  Choose contrasting colours for the seat and cushions to achieve the best visual effect. 

Bella plastic chair

Elegant and traditional, the affordable Bella plastic chair is suitable for any style of décor.  You can customise the seat colour and the base colour.  Opt for gold legs and a pale pink seat for a glamourous effect or choose an all-black chair for a modern style.

Jeanne chair

Warm and traditional, the Jeanne can chair is a true decorative element.  It is also very comfortable and guarantees pleasant moments with loved ones.  The Jeanne chair is best suited to traditional and rustic interiors but can also be used as a contrast with more modern furniture. 

Buy your inexpensive designer chair from Diiiz

Our online store has a full range of designer and inexpensive chair models.  Browse our catalogue to find the models mentioned above and many more!  Our team is here to answer any queries you may have and guide you to the best choice for your inexpensive designer chair.

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