Diiiz: Velvet chairs are taking over in 2019

Though considered for some time to be old-fashioned and perhaps excessively opulent, velvet has recently entered the mainstream in a big way. Thanks to developments in fabric production, inspirational application by a number of key furniture designers, and exposure from celebrities and influencers on Instagram, the popularity of velvet chairs is growing all the time. Let’s take a look at why…

The fabric: Velvet

Velvet has been used for furniture and clothing for centuries, but has always been considered a high-end fabric. Though it can be woven out of a number of different fabrics, silk was always the most traditional.

These days however, as it is ultimately the process that makes the velvet and not the base material, it tends to be made from a variety of different materials including cotton and wool. This makes it more affordable, available in a wider variety of colours, and of course, easier to care for.

Traditional velvets were quick to show damage, and easy to stain. However, modern velvet is much more stain resistant, as well as generally softer and more resilient.  While you still have to be careful applying moisture - and should certainly never scrub velvet, with the right type of regular care, it needn’t be any more of a headache than most other fabrics in your home.

You can give your velvet chairs a quick restorative lift with the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner as part of your regular routine. Deal with stains as soon as they occur by blotting as much as you can when the stain first occurs, and then use a gentle cleaner which will lift the stain without damaging the velvet itself.

The application: Velvet Chairs

One of the other major reasons for current the velvet trend is the way this traditional fabric is being applied to more contemporary designs.  While many people might associate velvet with stuffy or even outdated furniture, top designers are now using it to create inspiring juxtapositions.  Many modern chairs are being given the velvet treatment because of the way it can add luxurious and vintage feel to even the most minimal pieces of furniture.

Perhaps our favorite example of this is the GUBI Beetle Velvet Chair, which is available in 4 stunning colours, and with either black or gold feet.  It combines the best of two different periods to create a truly elegant chair that would add a touch of understated sophistication almost any room.Given the breadth of application, and the far greater variety of colour choices now available with this fabric, velvet chairs can easily be used to as the centerpiece of a room, or simply to subtly accent a wider aesthetic. 

It’s clear, 2019 is the year of the velvet chair. Thanks to modern techniques and some top designers, there are endless options both beautiful to look at and utterly versatile.  Furthermore, they are no longer as expensive, or challenging to maintain. If you’re searching for the perfect touch of glamour to inject in your life, try looking at velvet chairs. They might be exactly what you have been searching for.

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