Diiiz: Tom Dixon: Industrial Design for the 21st Century

Industrial design is always one of those design styles which can always be considered modern and fresh no matter what decade it is coming from. For that reason, it has come and gone in popularity across many different years. One name you will often find attached to industrialism, particularly when considering light fixtures, is that of the British designer Tom Dixon. His contemporary lighting solutions are enjoyed by many people in both home and commercial settings. If you are searching for modern ceiling lights with an industrial twist, Dixon may have something which you will like.

About Tom Dixon

Born in Tunisia, Dixon started his career by leaving the Chelsea School of Art so he could explore his own creativity without being held down by the constraints of art school. In that time, he also opened the think tank “Space” which encouraged other artists and designers to come together to explore, collaborate, and influence. Through this success, “Space” was able to become a full design studio and Dixon’s career was launched.

He has served as the Head of Design and Creative Director at Habitat and has led up several high-profile projects including the Sea Containers House in London and Jamie Oliver’s restaurant Barbecoa.

Lighting for All

Through the “Jack” lamp and the “Mirror Ball”, Dixon has become a household name. If you are searching for Tom Dixon lights, you cannot go wrong with the latter of the two above. The “Mirror Ball” is a minimalist piece of pendant lighting which he had hoped to be a conspicuous way to light a room. What he came up with was actually completely different and provided a bright focal point for the room.

As a result, many businesses like to group these lights together to create a striking chandelier effect. His innovative use of simple materials like metals really help to bring through his roots in minimalism and industrialism. His pendant lights are all eye-catching and interesting to look at and could be the perfect addition to your home.

Industrial Lighting for You

If you are looking to bring a little industrial aesthetic into your home then the right modern lighting solution might be precisely what you need. Dixon frequently works with copper as a reflective material which many people love. Copper has been a massive design trend for quite some time and many people love to incorporate it as a splash of colour into their rooms. Placing it inside a light could be very unusual and would create an interesting focal point for the room.

Dixon also likes to play with shape. He loves to incorporate several shapes of lampshade into his multi-pendant designs. If you are looking for something which is stylish and sleek without having to stick to an overly symmetrical design, you might be able to find something which suits your tastes in Dixon’s portfolio.

Industrial lighting is a brilliant way to bring a little hardness to a soft room. Take a look at what Tom Dixon has to offer through his unique lighting solutions and find the perfect lamp for your rooms today.

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