Contemporary Designer Lighting

Choosing the right contemporary designer lighting

Looking to install contemporary designer lighting in your home?  Find out how to choose the right fit based on your tastes, budget, and current décor.

Why choose contemporary designer lighting?

Contemporary designer lighting is more than just a decorative feature, it can be the centrepiece of your décor.  Use them to create mood lighting, decorate your interior and add character.  

Contemporary designer lighting generally stands out, but there are some more neutral styles.  As they come in a vast variety of different materials, shapes, and colours – wood, metal, gold, silver, black, white, etc. – there is something for everyone!

Some advice for choosing the correct contemporary designer lighting

Contemporary designer lighting makes or breaks a room.  Here are some tips to help you make the right choice for your space.

  • If the light is for the bedroom, choose a lamp for your bedside table or a wall lamp.
  • If the light is for the living or dining room, choose a pendant lamp.  If you have high ceilings, consider a bulkier model.
  • Choose materials and colours based on the room’s current decoration.  Black, gold, or silver metal goes well with an industrial style.  Voluminous shapes are more suited to glamourous or luxurious interiors, and clean lines blend well with the Scandi style. 
  • Remember to choose the right light bulbs.  The colour and wattage of the bulbs you use can have a big influence on how the room is lit and how the fixture looks.

5 of the best in contemporary designer lighting

Here are our picks of the 5 bests in contemporary designer lighting.

Monkey Lamp

The Monkey Lamp is a unique lamp.  It is available as a table lamp (sitting or standing monkey) or as a wall lamp. Mixing the three versions is the most aesthetic option as they bring life to the room with these three silhouettes who appear to be in constant motion.  Place them near an exotic plant, a simple green plant, or a piece of furniture to light the room in a creative way. 

Colta Light

The Colta light and its elegant shape will delight lovers of contemporary design.  Very chic, it will fit into your bedroom as well as your living room.  It is often seen decorating and lighting up hotels and restaurants.  It is available in a wall lamp version and a pendant light version.  The Coltrane light gives out a diffused light giving a very refined aspect to your décor.  This contemporary designer light is particularly striking on dark coloured walls. 

Vola Light

Elegant and graceful, the Vola light lives up to its name (Voltige refers to acrobatic tricks in French).  Evoking a summer hat, a dress in the wind, or even a breeze, it is light, delicate, and minimalist, but captures the imagination.  It will become a focal point of your living room, dining room or wherever it is placed.  It is height adjustable and available in several sizes, adapting perfectly to your design needs.

The Spider 3-arm light

The Spider 3-arm adjustable ceiling light is a very atypical example of contemporary designer lighting.  With its 3 thin and elongated arms, it lights up the room at the exact angles you want.  It is particularly suited for being a kitchen or dining room light.  Very chic with an industrial style, this designer light is also suitable for modern and contemporary styles.  

Modelo light

The Modelo floor lamp is unique.  Inspired by classic floor lamps, it comes with an extra dash of elegance because of its inclined shape.  Reminiscent of Danish modernism, the Modelo lamp can be adjusted to direct the light according to your wishes.  This contemporary designer light adapts to different styles of interior décor. 

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