Autumn trends - Leather

« So, here we are in the heart of autumn! A unique season which is made of changes in atmosphere and colours in nature but also in your home. »

At Dizz, we guide you through the seasons and we update you on all the new designs and decoration trends for your interior.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to present our selection of textiles and objects for 2015. Leather, wood and new lighting trends will give you fresh ideas to give your interior a new touch. And all this obviously goes hand in hand with our philosophy: Quality designs at affordable prices!

The Leather; Timeless and fashionable!

This week we are focusing on ‘Leather’.

Yes, we all know a great deal about leather, so why have we decided to talk about it?

Simply because this long lasting textile has become an essential component to contemporary design. Leather is coming back into fashion, and thanks to its multiple qualities can be used in many unique ways.

Leather furniture is increasingly common in hotels, restaurants and interior decorators use it in a multitude of ways: leather wall panels in the living room, leather ceiling and floors in hotels and cocktails bars. The use of this textile brings a touch of warmth and luxury that is simply incomparable.

From a design point of view, leather is easy to combine with other materials, which allows one to create unique and glamourous interiors. Other than its aesthetic benefits, leather is long lasting, comfortable and is easy to clean.

A lot can be said about leather, but our aim here is to understand that with one well-chosen piece of leather furniture, your interior will have a new appearance and atmosphere.

Used in a bedroom or a living room, a piece of leather furniture will be luxurious and warming. These pieces of furniture can be used in a classical or in a contemporary interior. The wide range of available colours gives you multiples possibilities so you can’t go wrong while buying leather furniture.

A leather lounge chair, a sofa or an office chair can all bring a new touch to your room.

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