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Videophone kit

We now offer a range of Kit videophone video door entry kits from the world’s number 1 security brand Hikvision through our Diiiz online store. In these kits, you will find everything you need for a complete, ready to use, videophone system. This range includes video doorbell; door entry unit; outdoor videophone kit; indoor videophone kit; video intercom kit; villa videophone kit; built-in videophone kit; IP videophone kit…

Hikvision videophone kits

Stay in control of who accesses your home or business with Hikvision’s range of video intercom products. Choose the kit which suits your needs from the range oof high performance IP videophone kits, the 2-wire videophone kits, or the analogue 4-wire videophone kits.

Hikvision video intercom systems are compatible with Hikvision’s video surveillance alarm system. Pairing your Hikvision devices will allow you to have a complete overview of your property and buildings. If you have Hikvision surveillance cameras installed, you can also view them via the indoor videophone screen. 

What is an intercom kit used for?

Hikvision videophone kits allow you to secure and control access to your home, villa, business, or commercial property…Thanks to this Hikvision kit, you can see who is ringing your doorbell. Hikvision videophone kits all contain a door entry unit with an outdoor video doorbell and an indoor viewing screen. Some also have Wi-Fi connectivity or support the use of an SD card.

The big advantage of Hikvision intercom kits is that they are compatible with the free Hik-Connect app. This app allows remote, real-time viewing of the intercom camera. This allows you to keep control of who accesses your home on your smartphone, even when you’re not there. This Hik-Connect app will give you more control such as unlocking your front door remotely, muting the sound of a videophone kit, pause a live image, zoom in on an image, take a photo, record a video, receive incoming calls, etc.

When a visitor presses the call button on the intercom, your smartphone will immediately start ringing and a notification will be sent to your phone. This will redirect you to a live video showing you who is calling. You can either accept or reject the call via your smartphone. The Hik-Connect app also gives you access to the microphone built into the intercom, allowing you to speak to your visitor, delivery person, etc.

If you have missed a call, just click on the notifications and you can see screenshots of missed visitors.

Which videophone kit suits your needs?

Choosing an intercom can be a complex task. Some people want an intercom with one call button, others want an intercom with multiple call buttons. The kit also needs to suit your property and its entry points. Single-family homes, commercial entryways, public schools or large apartment buildings, there is a Hikvision videophone for all. To help you decide, here is a description of the different videophone kits.       

  • 2-wire kits: 2-wire videophone kits are easy to install. Designed for buildings undergoing renovations, they use the existing wiring. For these systems to work, two wires and an IP control interface are all you need!
  • 4-wire kits: For a low-cost installation, videophones with four wires are an extremely popular choice. Suitable for new buildings, these analogue four wire videophones are not sensitive to interference. They also offer high performance sound and picture quality.  
  • IP kits: The IP video doorbell is an option suitable for many types of buildings. Apartments, companies, shops, commercial properties, restaurants, and houses can all benefit from the IP videophone’s ability to notify you of a visitor with its Wi-Fi connection, or network cable. They can also offer a lot of memory. IP videophones have many call buttons, making them ideal for apartments and residential areas.   

A built-in or surface-mounted installation

Diiiz has a range of different kits depending on the type of installation you want.

Have you just finished building your house? Did you forget to plan a location for your video doorbell? Then opt for a surface-mounted kit.

On the other hand, new buildings often think of every device. If you already have a suitable location for an integral installation, we recommend an easy to install built-in videophone kit.

What is the difference between an intercom and a videophone?

Videophone or intercom? These terms can sometimes be confused, but they both have the same objective – voice access control. However, there are subtle differences between these two security options from our partner Hikvision.

A videophone is a smart video doorbell that consists of a call button and a camera. An intercom also has a call button as well as a microphone and a speaker allowing you to speak to the person remotely.

What are the advantages of the kits?

Buying a kit has many advantages, as everything you need is in one place. Buying each Hikvision item individually requires knowledge, more time, and leaves room for mistakes. Intercom kits are available, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. From accessories to cables, everything is included. It also comes as a single delivery, saving you money!

What do the videophone kits include?

The intercom kits are made up so that they have everything you need. Each kit comes with accessories allowing you to make full use of the intercom. You will find accessories such as: a standard PoE switch, a power supply, a 16GB memory card, a card reader, a network controller, a mounting bracket, screws, etc. These kits truly are designed to be ready to use.

Who is Hikvision?

Hikvision is the #1 global leader in Internet of Things solutions. These include objects with sensors, software or other technologies embedded.

Since its founding in 2001, Hikvision has offered a wide range of security products and has expanded into technologies relating to smart homes. Their products are used in more than 150 countries around the world. Their goal is to explore innovative ways to better perceive and understand the world, to empower vision for decision-makers and practitioners, and work together to enhance safety and advance sustainable development around the world.

Their credo is to strengthen the vision for security and sustainable growth of the world through technology.


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