Scandinavian Floor Lamp

5 Design Ideas with a Scandinavian Floor Lamp

Do you love Scandinavian style? Are you looking to integrate a Scandinavian floor lamp into your living room, your office, or your bedroom?  We have 5 interior design ideas for you featuring a Scandinavian floor lamp.

What constitutes Scandinavian design?

Before we begin, let’s recap the basics of Scandinavian design.  Based on simplicity and minimalism, Scandinavian design highlights a cool and functional decoration.  It is associated with clean lines and neutral colours.  Scandinavian style advocates an orderly and calm aesthetic.  The materials used are wood, plastic, fabric and possibly metal, always in pale and neutral colours.  Black is tolerated in small touches to counterbalance light colours and to add depth.  

5 design ideas featuring a Scandinavian floor lamp

Here are some design ideas that we have curated to help you integrate your designer floor lamp into your décor. + Giraffe floor lamp.

#1 : Scandinavian floor lamps in the kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect place to install a Scandinavian floor lamp.  In fact, although we often overlook it, the kitchen is an ideal place for a floor lamp!  It can provide additional lighting for your worktop or kitchen table, or it can simply add a decorative element that contributes to the atmosphere of the room.  Choose an elegant and subtle lamp to stay within the boundaries of Scandinavian style.

#2 : Scandinavian floor lamps in the living room

The living room is the most common place to find Scandinavian floor lamps. It is an ideal place for this type of additional lighting: the floor lamp creates a special atmosphere by indirectly diffusing light.  Think of the ONDA floor lamp which serves as an elegant decoration whilst still being truly minimalist.   

#3 : Scandinavian floor lamps in the office

You almost certainly spend a lot of time in your office.  Why not treat yourself to an accent piece for your interior décor?  The Scandinavian floor lamp can be used as an accent lamp, decorative lighting piece and a desk lamp all at the same time.  Choose the AGI floor lamp to set a serious and modern mood, whilst still allowing for a direct and precise light, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

#4 : Scandinavian floor lamps in the bedroom

Even the smallest bedroom can accommodate a Scandinavian floor lamp. Indeed, this type of designer floor lamp is much less bulky than traditional floor lamps or other more elaborate styles.  They can be positioned next to your bed, providing you with pleasant lighting when reading or waking up.  The Giraffe floor lamp is ideal for this task: its delicate lines allow it to blend discreetly into any room, and the downward facing shade provides sufficient light for reading in bed.

#5 : Scandinavian floor lamps in the dining room

The dining room is the place where you receive family, friends, and guests to share a meal and get together.  It is only right that this must be one of the best decorated spaces in your home.  A Scandinavian floor lamp is the perfect addition to create a warm and cosy atmosphere whilst providing accent lighting to accompany your evenings.  As an additional benefit, a beautiful designer floor lamp will certainly attract the compliments of your guests!

How do I choose the right Scandinavian floor lamp?

It’s hard to go wrong with a Scandinavian floor lamp: by definition they are minimalist and will therefore integrate seamlessly into most interiors.  Be careful not to choose a model that will become boring after just a few years, because Scandinavian floor lamps are very durable.  You must also be sure to respect the existing colours and textures present in the room.  Fancy a Scandinavian floor lamp?  Rest assured that they are easy to set up, so you won’t be taking a big risk by giving free reign to your desires.

Diiiz has an exclusive range of Scandinavian floor lamps within its wide range of designer floor lamps.  Feel free to consult our website or contact us if you would like advice on choosing the lamp to suit your needs.

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