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In the creative industries, it’s natural that designers tend to dabble in more than one discipline. Nonetheless, it seems strange and significant that virtually every important architect has designed chairs at one point or another. Before highlighting 5 of our favorite chairs by architects, let’s take a look at why that might be…

Much like buildings, chairs represent a balance between forma and function. It has been suggested that designing chairs provides architects the most logical opportunity to apply their skills and their own unique style to something new.

It’s tempting to suppose that chairs afford architect that chance to experiment with new ideas before applying them on the larger and infinitely more costly level that a building represents. In fact though, for many, a chair is a actually a way to share their talents with a larger audience, as well as for the interaction between their work and an individual to be far more personal.

It’s is no wonder then that so many of the iconic chairs we know were created by architectural masters. Here are five of our favorite replicas…

The Tulip Chair

Instantly recognisable, the Tulip Chair replica can help to bring a contemporary twist to your room. It clearly mirrors the neo-futuristic style for which Saarinen is famous, using sculptured curves and continuous form.

The Wika Chair

The Wika chair features a wire frame which makes is ideal for a variety of both indoor and outdoor scenarios.  Its welded steel structure beautifully combines lightness and durability in a way that reflects the thinking behind much of this married team’s most significant architectural work. 

The Pelican Chair

If you are looking for a inviting and comfy seat with beautiful curves, check out the Pelican Chair replica by Finn Juhl. This has remained a favourite of furniture lovers ever since Juhl produced the original chair in the 1940s. Juhl introduced Danish Modern to therest of the world, and his love of curves can be seen as much in this stunning chair as in his design for the Trusteeship Chamber of the United Nations Building, New York.

The Series 7 Chair

On the hunt for a seat which is both elegant and functional? You should consider the Series 7 Chair replica by Arne Jacobsen. His genius for incredibly simple but effective solutions can be seen throughout his contribution to architectural Functionalism as well as in his wonderfully elemental chair deigns.

The Barcelona Chair

The Barcelona Chair is a timeless symbol of luxury. Van Der Rohe is remembered as one of the great pioneer of modernist architecture, and the metal frame and opulent seat of this glorious chair are reminiscent of what he called his "skin and bones" approach to architecture.

As you can see from above, there is a natural and recurring tendency for great architects to turn their hands to chair design, and that transition has lead to the creation of some truly iconic pieces of furniture. Explore the options here on our site and bring a little bit of history into your home.

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