How do you choose the ideal Scandinavian chair for your interior?

You can see Scandinavian style again and again everywhere. In store windows, magazines, on TV and even in the interior of one of your friends, this style has become universal! Since then, you have completely fallen for Nordic design which is both trendy and clean. So you have decided to bring a Scandinavian air into your home.

But you still have to choose the furniture that will go with your interior. In this article, Diiiz will give you some tips which will hopefully help you in your choice of the ideal Scandinavian chair!

Scandinavian style is distinguished by its soft lines as well as the use of neutral tones and line woods. This Nordic design reveals an atmosphere of health and elegance. In order to guide you towards the ideal model of chair, Diiiz highlights a few fundamental points.

What are the criteria to consider when choosing my Scandinavian design chair?

1. What material should I choose for my Scandinavian chair?

Yes, the material that you choose for your Scandinavian chairs is an important step! Between fabric, plastic, velvet, wood or rattan, you have to be able to identify the material that will be both practical and aesthetic. Choose according to your lifestyle.

For example, for the sake of maintenance, choose a plastic or leather seat. If you have young children, fabric or velvet chairs can stain faster. However, the new Diiiz synthetic fabrics have become easier to wash than 20 years ago. So if you are a fan of fabric, don’t worry!

For a warm interior, opt for a fabric or a wood seat which will add character to your décor.

From an aesthetic viewpoint and for a more modern look, opt instead for plastic or leather.

2. How to choose your Scandinavian chair according to the space of the room.

In order to create a harmonious effect in your room, you have to pay attention to the style and space available. For smaller spaces, opt for chairs with simple lines and without visual overload. Armrests are also not advised in order to ensure optimum space saving. Additionally, they will slip easily under your table, unlike chairs with armrests.

If the space in the room is large enough, don’t hesitate to select models of chairs which are more elaborate.

3. Which colour and style should my Scandinavian chair be?

It seems logical, but it’s a pivotal criteria. Colour has an important role in the choice of your Scandinavian chairs. This is what will determine if the look matches the whole room! Originally, Nordic chairs were only available in black or white. Today, numerous colours and combinations are available, offering a vast range of possibilities. Between grey, beige, blue, green and even mustard yellow, you will be spoiled for choice!

Now you are aware of the important criteria in choosing your Nordic design chair! To help you with your selection, here are 5 of our flagship Scandinavian chairs that will illuminate your interior through their own style in their own way:

  • Hyge B2 or B3 chair

The B2 and B3 chairs are very similar. In reality, they are the same model with only the seat being different. One is made of a plastic shell (B2) and the other has a fabric covering (B3). Their wooden legs are an elementary part of Nordic design. These chairs have armrests and their enveloping shell gives you a certain comfort. These emblematic chairs of Nordic design are part of our best-seller collection! It’s over to you to decide which one will fit perfectly into your daily life.

  • The Han Wegner Wishbone chair

For a more classic and traditional design, while keeping the Scandinavian side, we would strongly recommend the iconic Wishbone chair. Available in 8 combinations of colours, the Wishbone chair will seduce you with its elegant and refined lines.

As graceful as it is delicate, the Hans Wegner inspired wishbone chair is made of a semi-circular backrest, adding a touch of elegance and simplicity.

The Nordic style Wishbone chair is perfectly suited around a kitchen table, a dining table, in an office, a bedroom or an entrance hall.

A truly timeless model in the world of design, the wishbone chair is available as a bar stool.

  • The CH07 Shell chair

If you want to make a “Lounge” corner in your home, this chair could be exactly what you need. This Shell armchair will dress your interior while bringing warmth and conviviality. The wide, curved and supple leather seat is as inviting as it is comfortable and will perfectly shape to the contours of your body. While bringing a touch of modernity to your interior, the CH07 lounge chair will warm your room thanks to its wooden structure. This Nordic armchair is synonymous with quality, originality and design.

  • The Glavo armchair

On the other hand, the Glavo armchair, will suit those looking for simplicity. Devoid of any artifices, this chair  offers ideal ergonomics with its shell, backrest and armrests forming one piece. The Glavo chair with its simple design, nevertheless manages to impose and distinguish itself thanks to its white or black metal base. Also available in other colours, this chair with armrests will find a cosy place both in a private or professional interior.

The Hyge J4 chair

Still in Scandinavian style we offer you the J4 chair. The Hyge inspired J4 model will stand out with its less common style and more vintage look! The graphic effect of this original chair is very decorative. The wide seat offers ideal comfort. The J4 chair will bring a very trendy retro touch to around your table.  Its open, balanced and airy structure may seduce you! Find a similar model on our site; the J7 chair.

Why not dare to be original?

The choices are too complicated? You can’t make up your mind? Then why not mix up your chairs to shake up your décor? This will give a different and original style which will stand out and make it a unique look! The more you play with materials and styles, the more visually pleasing the look will be! Stay in a similar colour palette for an aesthetic result.

However, if you choose to mismatch your chairs, try to keep to a simple and sober style for the rest of the furniture to avoid too much detail and the effect of having an overloaded room.


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