Ergonomic designer office chairs: your ally against back pain

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? You are far from alone: now that sedentary careers are widespread, daily pain affects more and more people. To prevent and avoid back and circulation problems, nothing is better than a designer office chair which is also ergonomic! It’s not necessary to sacrifice style. Discover the advantages of designer ergonomic office chairs.

Why choose an ergonomic office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs have more functionality and are therefore a little more expensive than classic office chairs. Is the price difference worth the pain? For the Diiiz team, it’s a big “Yes!”. Discover why! 

  • It preserves your health: an ergonomic office chair adapts to your body and helps you to maintain good posture throughout the day.
  • It favours productivity: being seated daily in a comfortable position helps you to maintain good conditions for working. This allows you to limit illnesses linked to back pain!
  •  It allows better mobility: ergonomic office chairs are often mounted on wheels, but also a backrest and adaptable seats. Ideal if you regularly switch from one workstation to another or have to grab the phone between two conversations.

If you manage a business, offering ergonomic office chairs to your employees is also a mark of care: you show that you are concerned for their wellbeing and they will recognise it.

The advantages of an ergonomic designer office chair

The ergonomic designer office chair is the best of both worlds between comfort and aesthetic. Its advantages are numerous:

  • a stylish office: a designer office chair gives a particular character to your workspace. Whether at home or in the office, it embellishes the room by making it more luxurious and modern;
  • comfort guaranteed: as we have seen, an ergonomic office chair is the most comfortable option and will agree best with your body and, consequently, your health;
  • a wide variety of models: although classic office chairs aren’t very customisable (they are often visually heavy and in black or dark colours), a designer ergonomic office chair is available in a wide range of models and colours. Neutral or bright colours, sleek or complex shape, you have a huge choice! 

Some ergonomic designer office chair models

Here are the best models of ergonomic designer office chairs chosen for you by Diiiz.

  • The Casie ergonomic designer office chair: elegant and simple, the Casie chair surrounds your back and offers you a high level of support. It is ideal for your workspace as well as spaces where you receive clients.
  • The Glavo chair: like the Casie chair, the Glavo ergonomic designer office chair firmly supports your back while allowing a lot of movement. It is adaptable to all types of rooms and it is very easy to maintain.
  • The Mesh office chair: the Mesh chair looks more like a classic office chair, but it stands out with its lightness thanks to its backrest in fishnet fabric. It guarantees you long hours of work without the slightest discomfort.

How to choose your ergonomic designer office chair? 

To choose your ergonomic designer office chair, the most important aspect is to evaluate your daily usage: how many hours do you spend in it each day? The longer the duration, the more you should look for a model with a high level of support such as the Paul ergonomic designer office chair or the Lily office chair.

Another important element to take into consideration is the aesthetic of the room: there’s no point choosing an ergonomic designer office chair which jars with the rest of your décor. If needed, request some professional advice or look for a neutral model which goes with the majority of styles.

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