Stackable chair: much more than just a practical option!

Vous l’avez certainement déjà vue sur de nombreuses terrasses : la chaise design empilable est l’équilibre parfait entre le style et la praticité. Découvrez comment bien choisir votre chaise design empilable.

Stackable chair: a little revolution

Chairs have a drawback: they take up space and when many chairs are needed to welcome clients or guests, it’s not the most practical. It is still true with designer chairs, which sometimes are bulkier than classic chairs.

The first models of stackable chairs appeared at the start of the 20th century. When released, the stackable chair received a grand prize at the Universal Exhibition in Paris for its ingenuity. 

Designers immediately jumped on this revolutionary idea to create models that have become some of the most sought after today. It was a little later, in 1960, that the first stackable chairs in plastic were born, one of the most widely used materials todays.

Advantages of stackable chairs

Discover the numerous advantages of stackable chairs.

  • They save considerable space: no need to go to great lengths to understand that one of the greatest advantages of the stackable chair is the space saving. You can have a lot more chairs in a stack!
  • Easy to store: unlike folder chairs, which require a little more work, stackable chairs fit together perfectly and can be tidied away in just a few seconds.
  • A practical option for large tables: large tables and restaurants will benefit the most from the stackable chairs: in addition to being an asset for decorating your dining space, you can store a large number of chairs easily.
  • The variety of models available: today there are many models of stackable chairs and you are bound to find one that you like. The colours available are also very varied.

Choosing you stackable chairs well

Do you want to choose a stackable chair but don’t know how to choose from all the available models? Follow our advice to find the ideal model.


Stackable chairs are available in different materials.

  • Plastic is one of the more commonly used materials for stackable chairs. Easy to care for and very resistant, they can be used outside as well as inside. The Belli chair and the Monsters chair are some of the best known of the stackable plastic chairs.
  • Wood: sober and warm, wood brings a particular character to your room. More classic than plastic, it is generally better suited to indoors than outdoors, as it is more sensitive to the weather.
  • Faux leather or natural leather: these two materials add a luxurious touch to your interior. Less expensive and easier to maintain, faux leather is an excellent option if you don’t opt for natural leather which is more fragile, but incomparable finish.
  • Metal: metal is often used for footrests, but stackable chairs are also sometimes found made completely in metal: the Lix stackable chair is an example.


The comfort of a chair is an important element and also depends on the intended use of the chair. A living room chair would be expected to be more comfortable than a garden chair. In any case, be attentive to the comfort of your stackable chair so that you and your guests always feel at ease. Fortunately, a lot of designer chairs are also very comfortable, which combines style and wellbeing.


Do you want a stackable chair for indoors, outdoors, or both? The adaptability of the chair is an important criterion, and it would be a shame to choose a model that doesn’t match your practical needs. Materials such as plastic, metal and synthetic wicker would be generally better adapted to outdoors than wood or leather.

Stackable chairs: the ideal choice for professionals 

Stackable chairs are the ideal solution for decorating terraces (cafés, restaurant…) or versatile spaces, they are both aesthetic and practical. They can be tidied very easily and don't take up much space once stackable.

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