Luigi, a brussels influencer, has selected Diiiz for his flat!

Diiiz takes you to Brussels and helps you discover the original and eclectic interior of Luigi, better know online as ‘Tellement Lui’. In this interview, Luigi reveals his vision for interior design, his decorative tips, and his Diiiz favourites!

A follower of iconic furniture, Luigi was looking for chairs for his dining room and discovered Diiiz via Instagram: a social network on which he has a strong presence and on which he often seeks his inspiration.

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Interior design: his constant passion!

Luigi has been passionate about design from a young age. He has always liked interior design and started very early in his parents’ house!

A hairdresser for 13 years, Luigi has this artistic side which defines him. According to him, hairdressing and decoration are closely linked: it’s visual decoration!

Luigi’s home is completely his style, sparkling and colourful. He shows who he is through his decoration and brings a story to his apartment. Each piece of furniture, each object has its own history and reflects each part of his personality. No item is part of his design by chance. We could say that Luigi shows who he really is when it comes to interior design!

He draws inspiration from everyday life: when he walks down the street, looks through a magazine or window, is on social networks or in a restaurant.

Tulip chairs as dining room chairs in his apartment in Brussels

The decoration blogger chose Tulip chairs, icons of design, as dining room chairs. What Luigi appreciates about the Tulip chair is its particular and original  design. The detail that he likes most is the foot of the Tulip chair, which is visually very artistic. The cushion brings a touch of colour and peps to his interior (which he loves) and guarantees him a certain comfort.

Indeed the designer wanted to create a plastic designer chair in one piece, giving the impression of continuity. The pivoting central foot of the Tulip chair frees space around the feet.

The Tulip chair is perfectly suited to the oval Tulip table in marble, an item that Luigi would like to procure for his future apartment. He is also considering completing his collection with Tulip chairs with armrests.

For or against? Decoration blogger Tellement Lui’s favourites!

Luigi really likes the Baseball chair, he thinks that it is a MUST HAVE that all decoration fans should have in their design.

He reveals his enormous love for the mix of golds and velvets. Luigi in particular appreciates the Bella velvet chairs: ‘I find that the ‘match’ of green and gold feet is just beautiful’. A style that he may adopt in his new apartment as kitchen chairs ?

Of course, ‘Tellement Lui’ is for colourful sofas such as the Alice two-seater sofa and the Amanda armchair in velvet.

Luigi’s design interior advice

‘I believe in truly shouting about who you are at maximum volume. Express yourself! Show what you like! Show who you are through the decor!’

Luigi, Tellement Lui, Tellement Diiiz!


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