Black and Copper Wall Light

10 ways to decorate your home with a black and copper wall light

Black and copper wall lights are very trendy.  They give out a pretty mood light, and they add character to your décor.  Discover 10 ideas for integrating this type of designer wall lights into your décor. 

#1: Black and copper wall lights to light up a bathroom.

Perhaps the bathroom is not the first place you would think of installing a black and copper wall light.  However, when installed alongside a mirror, it provides soft lighting, handy when shaving or putting on makeup.  They are also perfect for hotel rooms or restaurant bathrooms. 

#2: Black and copper wall lights to illuminate a hallway

A stylish wall light is ideal for emitting a subdued light in a hallway leading to bedrooms whilst providing enough light to allow occupants to find their way.  The Coltrane wall light, inspired by the shape of a saxophone mouthpiece, is particularly suitable for hotel corridors or even in a house.

#3: Black and copper wall lights in a lounge

Black and copper wall lights are an excellent way to light up your lounge in a subtle and pleasant way, whilst creating a calm, chic, and exclusive ambience.  A recipe for ensuring your guests want to spend time there!

#4: Black and copper wall lights for a chic bar

A chic and modern bar will benefit from the installation of stylish wall lights.  Placed near the bar, black and copper wall lights will create an exclusive ambience in your bar and will give a good impression to your customers. 

#5: Black and copper wall lights in a refined restaurant

Looking to redecorate your restaurant and give it a trendy and refined feeling?  Opt for black and copper wall lights.  Once night has fallen, your restaurant will be bathed in a soft and pleasant light that will make your guests want to return often!  

#6: Black and copper wall lights for a subdued feeling in a bedroom

These wall lights can be used as a bedside lamp.  By being attached to the wall, it clears your bedside table leaving you more room for your book, glasses, or alarm clock.

#7: Black and copper wall lights for a trendy kitchen

Black and copper wall lights have a place in the kitchen too.  Not only can they provide additional lighting when cooking, they also create a pleasant ambience when you sit at the table in this well-used room.

#8: Black and copper wall lights to give out atmospheric light in the living room

In the living room, black and copper wall lights reach their full potential.  They are visible and you can admire them every day, and they give out a lovely mood light for an evening by the fire.

#9: Black and copper wall lights to highlight an object

These wall lights can also be used, quite simply, to highlight a decorative element – a painting, a statue, or a holiday souvenir.  Just choose what you would like to highlight!

#10: Black and copper wall lights in an industrial style interior

Black and copper wall lights are perfect for industrial style interiors.  Indeed, these two colours are particularly celebrated in this popular style of interior design.  

Where can you find these lights?

You can find black and copper wall lights in stores which specialise in designer wall lamps, such as Diiiz.  We have the Colta wall lamp – a must-have for creating a refined and warm ambience in your home.  We also offer unique wall lamps, such as the monkey wall lamp, and famous designer wall lamps, such as the Spider wall lamp.  

Looking for more design tips and ideas involving designer wall lights?  Discover al our articles on the subject. 

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