Customised solutions

Choose the model, colour and covering of your choice, Diiiz is committed to producing a customised product within 120 days maximum!

Diiiz works directly with several partner factories in Asia and Europe. Therefore we are able to produce the customised item of your choice.

Send us your request and we promise to confirm the feasibility of the project and the costs within 72 hours!

The layout of a new space requires a careful selection of colours and textures so that the whole renovation is as harmonious as possible.

 If you aren’t satisfied with the colours and textures that we suggest, we can evaluate your request and produce the chair, armchair or sofa of your choice.

 This flexibility is even more important for decorators and interior designers. For certain projects, customers can impose one or two main colours and it is essential that the rest of the chairs, cushions, carpets or sofas go with the rest of the decoration as harmoniously as possible.

Unsure which colour or texture? Order free samples !

There is an option to order samples for certain products.

Order free samples of leather, cashmere or fabric and get them for free to your home. 

On the product page, select the colour and click “order a sample”. The colour will automatically be added to your basket and you wi receive it in about 7 days to help you make the best choice! 

Our teams are also at your service to help or advise. 

*No wood, plastics, marble, or metals can be sent as samples. 

WARNING : Once you have chosen your favourite sample, do not forget to mention the colour code in the comment box when placing your order. If this information is missing, we might not be able to order the sample you have chosen. In this case, Diiiz could not be held responsible for any discrepancy between your choice and the delivered order.

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