The Camellia modular sofa by Diiiz: an inspiration of the famous Camaleonda sofa

Are you also wondering what is the atypical sofa with rounded and original curves that is flooding social media and our magazines?

If you are wondering where the original shape came from, who its creator is, what are the advantages of a modular sofa, which colours are available, how to take care of it, and where to buy one at a reasonable price, you’ll find out everything in our article!

The Camélia sofa, inspired by the Camaleonda modular sofa.

The Camélia sofa by Diiiz is inspired by the famous Camaleonda sofa. With the Camélia modular sofa, Diiiz created a unique, original sofa of exceptional quality!

The Camaleonda sofa was conceived and designed in 1970 by the famous Italian designer and architect Mario Bellini.

The name “Camaleonda” is made from “camaleonte” which means chameleon and “onda” which means wave in Italian. The name “Camaleona” perfectly illustrates the versatility of this sofa and also references the rounded shapes of it. Like the Camélia sofa by Diiiz, the Camaleonda modular sofa changes and evolves into new shapes without ever losing its charm.

A unique sofa that sticks in your memory: the emblematic Camaleonda sofa.

Since the 70s, the Camaleonda sofa has established itself in the aesthetics of an entire era as a key piece of world design. This modular sofa has been on the cover of architecture and interior décor magazines around the world. It has even been on display in international design museums and has featured on prestigious sets during film shoots. Today the Camélia sofa floods social networks. You will realise, this modular sofa is an unfailing success.

During the creation of this sofa, the Diiiz teams worked on the selection of new, trendy fabrics and velvets, which allowed us to integrate these into this superb modular sofa in a number of interior styles.

You will find all colour and material possibilities of our Camélia sofa on the product page:

The Camélia in some number :

  • 23 colours of fabrics, bouclé, velvets, premium washable, silicone leather
  • A choice of 6 modules to create the sofa of your dreams to make the most of your available space
  • Sold in 26 countries
  • Marketed by Diiiz in 2020 and is already the no.1 in sales

A functional modular sofa

The Camélia sofa has 4 main characteristics :

  1. 6 differents, independents modules
  2. Its visible cables and fasteners and its infinite possibilities to rearrange the space
  3. Its comfort: firm foam in the centre for extra firmness and soft surfaces for more comfort
  4. Its colours which allow you to give it a modern or vintage look according to what you want

1) The modules of the Camélia/Camaleonda modular sofa

The Camélia sofa is available in a choice of 6 different modules so as to be able to create any desired combination. Here are our 6 modules:

As well as 4 main modules (left armrest, right armrest, centre piece, and corner module), our Camélia sofa has 2 sizes of ottoman.

  •  The first size of Camélia ottoman is a rectangular shape (95cm x 65cm x 40cm): it perfectly adapts to all the Camélia modules which also have a length of 95cm but is a little shorter than ottoman 2
  •  Our Camélia ottoman size 2 is a square (95cm x 95cm x 40cm).

The Camélia centre module can be used as a single module and also makes a 1-seater armchair. It can also be placed between two “armchair” modules to make a straight sofa (see image 1) or can also be used to create a large corner sofa (see image 2) with the help of a “corner” module. You can also add an ottoman to create a sofa with a chaise (see image 3). Anything is possible!

Here are a few inspirations and ideas on arranging the Camélia sofa from the infinite possibilities.

A tip: change the module combinations to fit with the space you have available! It is sometimes better to opt for one less module to be able to move freely in the room. All our modules (except ottoman 1) are sized as square modules of 95cm by 95cm. With the backrest, the height is 75cm.

2) Cables and fastenings : the key, unique characteristics of the Camélia sofa!

Cables, carabiners and visible rings, never before seen for a sofa!

The Camélia sofa by Diiiz stands out with its stunning look made up of an innovant system of fastenings. The backrest as well as the armrests are attached thanks to cables that are deliberately visible. These cables add a uniqueness to the Camélia modular sofa.

Thanks to the system of fastenings, the armrest and backrests are removable. Due to this (see photo below) a module that was originally a right armrest module can become a left armrest module by detaching and reattaching it at the other side. Also, a central element with its backrest can become a simple ottoman by removing the backrest. The modules can be remade as desired, allowing the sofa to adapt to changing tastes and needs of the users.

3) Comfort: a designer modular sofa that is also comfortable!

Rest easy, the Camélia sofa is as comfortable as it is pretty! Its padded seats ensure true comfort.

We’ve been asked a number of times if the Camélia sofa is as comfortable as it is pretty?

The comfort of a sofa is measured mainly by the density of the foam. The less dense, the softer the seat and easier to sink into. The higher the density, the harder and firmer the seat

Diiiz has found the solution: the seat of the Camélia sofa is an assembly of two different densities of foam which allows us to create a sofa with a firm seat which is also very comfortable on top.

For this sofa, Diiiz used a first layer of foam with a density of 40kg/m3 (which is a high resilience foam) and a second foam on top with a foam density of 28kg/m3 to achieve the soft element (but not too much thanks to the denser layer).

Ideally, the density of a sofa would be between 30 and 35kg/m3. The Camélia, with its two layers of different density foams, succeeds in finding the perfect balance between firmness and softness.

The first very dense layer allows the sofa to not sag. The second layer balances this and gives a comfortable and soft element without it being too much.

Therefore the feeling of these two layers in terms of density is 34kg/m3 and so is in the recommended range.

The modules of the Camélia sofa simply sit side by side to each other and do not attach to each other. But be assured, the Camélia modules are stable, they shouldn’t come detached unintentionally.

4) Available colours and materials for the Camélia modular sofa

Initially, the iconic Camaleonda sofa appeared in velvet. At Diiiz, the Camélia modular sofa is available in 3 different materials so that everyone can find what they want:

  • Velvet: unsurprisingly, we couldn’t pass over this much appreciated material for our Camélia! Velvet is a timeless material which matches perfectly with the Camélia to accentuate its “vintage” identity. Our selection of velvets for this modular sofa offers close to 10 choices online, and dozens of other colours are available on request from our customer service ([email protected]
  • Curly wool/boucle: you will certainly know that boucle is the trendy fabric of the last two years! Boucle brings a more contemporary and modern look to the Camélia sofa than velvets. Choose neutral tones to be completely trendy!

    If you are crazy for curly wool, don’t hesitate to read our article on the subject “How to integrate curly wool into your interior

  • Silicone leather: this is our brandnew material added following the success of our Camélia sofa and as requested by our customers!

    Silicone leather has a number of advantages: it has the appearance and comfort of real leather to the touch, but is easier to maintain and less expensive than real leather. This silicone leather is also waterproof so no need to worry about stains. There might even be a pen mark that could be removed with a simple wipe of the hand (yes, we tried this for you ?)

    No more worrying bout your pretty sofa with this material! It is therefore particularly suitable if you have young children.

    The look of the faux leather is as firm and warm as real leather. Even better, this synthetic material means it is offered in a larger choice of faux leather than real leather.

Unsure about the colour or texture? Request a free sample!

The option to “order samples” is available on the Camélia page. Order leather, velvet, boucle or fabric samples and receive them free to your home!

On the product page, select the colour and click on “order a sample”. The colour will be automatically added to your basket and you will receive it in less than 7 days to help you make the best choice! Our teams are also here to offer help and décor advice.

Advantages of a Camaleonda type modular sofa

A modular sofa? But why? We will share the main advantages of a modular sofa like the Camélia, Tully or Tetris by Diiiz

A modular sofa offers many advantages that standard sofas don’t have. Starting with the fact that it is entirely able to be personalised in colour and size as well as the shape that you want it to have.

In addition, if you have a particular occasion than needs a bit more space in the living room, you will have no issues changing the layout of your Camélia sofa to welcome your guests

With the number of existing modules and its advanced fastening system, you can also give a number of different looks to your living room.

If you want to know all our tips and advice about modular sofas, don’t hesitate to consult this article: “6 good reasons to choose a modular sofa”.

How to maintain the Camaleonda inspired Camélia sofa?

Depending on the material you choose, you won’t look after your Camélia sofa in the same way.

However, there are some things that are compatible no matter the material. Like regularly vacuuming the sofa to avoid the build up of dust and small pieces of dirt. You can also use a damp (not wet) microfibre cloth on small stains.

Curly wool/boucle

If you opt for the Camélia sofa in boucle, know that it is a delicate material, especially if you opt for our white or beige curly wool. But this material can also be cleaned with the help of a steam cleaner (at the lowest or medium temperature). Don’t stay too long on the same mark! The idea is to soften and break up the stain. You can then remove the final residues with a cloth. All marks will go, even the darkest ones! However, if it is only a small mark, you can use a damp microfibre cloth with a mild soap like Marseilles soap. Clean the mark as quickly as possible! If you wait, it’ll be more difficult to remove it.


The velvet used by Diiiz is high quality, resistant velvet. However, velvet is also a delicate material. For small marks, we would advise to act quickly with a microfibre cloth, clean water and mild soap (like Marseilles soap). For larger stains, we strongly advise calling an organisation specialising in cleaning sofas which will take care of restoring your Camélia sofa to perfect condition.

Tip: so that your velvet sofa stays in great condition, gently brush it to keep the fibres in the same direction.

Faux leather

For faux leather, as explained above, you have nothing to worry about! This material is very easy to maintain given its waterproof property. However, if you have to rub your sofa for a mark, take care not to rub too hard as this could damage it.

Tip: to avoid cracked faux leather, from time to time wipe your sofa with a thin layer of cleansing milk or similar products sold in stores. Its hydrating properties allow you to keep the material supple and avoid crumbling.

To summarise

To summarise, the Camélia modular sofa, inspired by the iconic Camaleonda sofa, is a real return to the 70s.

The Camélia modular sofa by Diiiz was such a success that it has quickly become one of our bestsellers. It is much appreciated for its unique design, versatility, and large selection of materials and colours available.

You will make an excellent decision in opting for the Camélia sofa for its versatility, its daringness and popularity. We recommend it 2000%!

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