Furniture for Professionals in Belgium: 4 styles by Diiiz HORECA furniture

You’ve made the decision to launch or re-design your restaurant in Belgium. Now it is time to choose your style of HORECA furniture to attract a lot of customers to your professional establishment!

The layout of your commercial space must be in line with the type of bar or restaurant you run, the profile of your customers and the pricing of your menu.  It is essential that the interior decoration and the professional furniture in your bar, restaurant or hotel correspond to the image that you wish to convey! 

If you are a professional or freelancer in Belgium, Flanders or Wallonia, Diiiz will help you choose the style of HORECA furniture that will best convey the identity of your restaurant, bar, café lounge or brasserie.  We also offer professional solutions for your hotel anywhere in Belgium or Luxembourg.  From industrial design to Scandinavian style or high-end interior, there is something for everyone.

Diiiz delivers to all regions in Belgium and throughout the European Union.  Free delivery of professional furniture if you are in Brussels, Liège, Antwerp, Charleroi, Ghent, Turnhout, Namur, Mons or Waterloo!

Professional furniture for a trendy coffee shop in Brussels

A coffee shop is a place for relaxing and enjoying a cup of quality coffee.  This type of café is different from a traditional bar or restaurant because of its relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  The number of coffee shops in Brussels has risen sharply in recent years, and the trend is spreading throughout Belgium!  There is still a market for new coffee shops in Brussels, Liège, Antwerp and dozens of other Belgian cities.  

Whether your clients go there to work, read a book, meet friends or hold a business meeting, the café must be cosy and welcoming.  To furnish your coffee shop, opt for comfortable HORECA armchairs such as the Julian Kolton armchairs combined with the Lula professional chairs. Combine these with coffee tables such as the Poitier tables or small round tables such as the hola or lady table. 

The ideal coffee shop has a seating area but also has places to eat or snack at any time of the day.  Create a high table area with Hyge or Tolix style high stools for professionals as well as cosy corners with Lula style lounge chairs, the Lydia lounge chair or the Alice armchair.    

A coffee shop is a place to look after customers.  Indeed, the regular clientele goes there to do everything they could do at home, but by virtue of being outside of their home they have an added social side.  It is therefore important to look after the interior décor with quality HORECA furniture for professionals.   

Industrial style Horeca furniture for an industrial style restaurant in Charleroi or Liège

The industrial style bar and restaurant has spread to most European cities, from Berlin to Paris via London.  Belgian cities such as Charleroi and Liège are quickly catching up with successful industrial style establishments of their own. 

Diiiz can offer advice on how to decorate an industrial style café in the beautiful region of Charleroi.  This city has a strong industrial past which will be perfect for your future chic industrial bistro.  Cafés with an industrial style of decoration are extremely innovative.  They have a very modern atmosphere which helps distinguish them from traditional pubs or Irish bars.    

Diiiz offers a range of chairs and stools for professionals which will make your HORECA establishment a truly trendy place.  The industrial style will help you stand out from other competitors and will help you attract customers.  At Diiiz, we have high-quality tables for professionals available throughout Belgium. Here is an example of the use of Diiiz’s HORECA furniture in an industrial style restaurant project in Belgium.

The use of rough wood and metal is characteristic of HORECA furniture in industrial style bars.  Diiiz offers a range of Tolix tables with walnut wood tabletops and 4 brushed metal legs.  These Tolix café tables for professionals are also available in a high table versions.

You can also opt for our solid wood and metal tableCamila – combined with the Tolix Retro stools for professionals.  The Tolix Chair Model A without armrests is inspired by Xavier Pauchard’s industrial designs and is also available in a model with armrests.  These chairs have the advantage of being colourful, solid and stackable.  These can be used both indoors and outside. 

An essential element in creating an industrial style café is the lighting.  Diiiz would suggest that you use a high volume of light fixtures.  Our range of Tom Dixon inspired light fixtures for professionals come in black and gold metal (FAT hanging light, STOUT pendant lamp, WIDE lamp) are professional lamps ideal for decorating the interior of your industrial style bistro!  The Retro lamp for professionals can easily be placed above each table.  

Launch a trendy “Scandinavian style” or a “Parisian hotel style” breakfast room 

The breakfast room of a hotel is the place that best reflects the personality of the hotel, after the bedroom.  The quality of professional furniture on display will have an influence on the general impression the customer will have as part of their experience in your hotel.  Give a “Parisian hotel” style to your hotel or guest house with Diiiz’s furniture and chairs for professionals.  Diiiz offers a range of HORECA furniture to decorate guest houses and hotels throughout Belgium.  The Parisian hotel style is sure to increase your bookings!  

Tables and chairs for professionals ideal for setting up a breakfast room

The first option is to decorate your dining area in a clean and sober way in a Scandinavian style.  To do so, opt for the professional range of Slimka square tables or Scandinavian Oslo tables.  To set up large spaces, such as a breakfast room, it is best to choose HORECA tables for two people which will be more flexible and will allow for perfecting the layout of your space.  Combine these Scandinavian style HORECA tables with Dwak chairs or DAWSON chairs with armrests for added comfort.  You now have the main ingredients for creating a Scandinavian style breakfast room! 

Another option is to focus on chairs for HORECA professionals.  Simply choose a HORECA table from our wide range of square tables with central legs such as the Rita marble dining table, the Luisa two-person table or the Delta and Roxy wooden dining tables.  Match these with a high-end chair that will help your location stand out at a competitive price!

Turn your attention to the Verner Panton inspired S chair, the Monster chair or the Magis inspired transparent Vanity chair.  Whatever you decide, remember to choose your HORECA professional chairs for their aesthetics, their comfort and the way they reflect the atmosphere of your establishment.  These chairs will reflect the ambience you want to create in your professional space.

Chic professional furniture for your gourmet restaurant in Belgium or Luxembourg

For the interior design of your gourmet restaurant, opt for high-end and high-quality furniture for professionals as well as high-quality materials such as marble, brass and velvet.  When choosing professional tables in Belgium, take into consideration the aesthetic and qualitive aspects of your HORECA furniture.  Also take into consideration the layout of your hotel by carefully selecting the shape of the tabletops.

For a refined and elegant interior, the Rita marble table for professionals, the Bruno quartz dining table and the Lamina two-person round table will make your commercial establishment a chic and trendy place.

Pay special attention to the comfort of your HORECA chairs.  Diiiz, your HORECA furniture supplier in Belgium, offers a wide range of high-quality and comfortable chairs made from high-quality materials and fabrics.

Opt for a high-end chair model such as the Bella velvet chair or the Bride’s veil golden chair. 

If space allows, why not create a lounge area in your gourmet restaurant.  A warm and friendly place to welcome your customers for an aperitif, for example.  Discover our collection of lounge chairs and two-seater sofas or three-seater sofas to set up this relaxing area.

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