Finding and buying economical designer garden chairs

Looking to decorate your terrace with designer garden chairs?  Read all our tips for finding and choosing economical designer garden chairs. 

Economical designer garden chairs – choosing the right materials

Economical designer chairs come in many variations (colours, shapes, etc.)

But the most important criterion is ensuring the correct materials. 

When we think of garden chairs, we often think of stackable plastic chairs.  However, economical designer garden chairs are made from every material possible.  Here are the properties of each material and the styles with which they work best.

Wooden economical designer garden chairs

Wood is an elegant material, and wooden designer garden chairs are amongst the most luxurious models.  The high-quality chairs will be made of wood treated for UV rays and bad weather.  This is because untreated wood can warp in contact with water and lose colour if it spends too much time in the sun. 

Wooden economical designer garden chairs are perfect for classic and elegant terraces.

Plastic economical designer garden chairs

This is the most common version of garden chair.  When you think of “designer garden chairs” and “economical” you probably have a plastic mode in mind.

However, plastic chairs are more varied than you might think – transparent chairs, high-back chairs, striking designer chairs, etc.  Plastic has the advantage of being very flexible and the chair models are very varied. 

Economical designer garden chairs made of plastic are ideal for a relaxing and inspiring patio.

Metal economical designer garden chairs

Metal is also a widely used material for outdoor chairs because it is both weather resistant and easy to maintain.  Metal chairs come in a number of different colours. 

Metal economical designer garden chairs look great on restaurant or hotel terraces as well as for an industrial style at home.

How to choose your economical designer garden chair?

Aside from the materials, many other criteria are also considered when choosing your economical designer garden chairs:

  • Quality: examine the finishes and find out where the materials come from.  A high-quality chair will last longer and look better.
  • Colour: Make sure the colour matches your other patio furniture.  Why not opt for a vibrant colour to add a bit of pizzazz to your patio?
  • Model: the design of a chair can completely change the look of your patio.  Choose a model that you like and that you won’t get bored of.

Here are some models of economical designer garden chairs to inspire you in your research:

Buying economical designer garden chairs – where to find them?

You will find economical designer garden chairs at Diiiz.  Discover our online store and our wide range of outdoor chairs at affordable prices.  We only stock high-quality designer chairs and we have a 14-day return period if your chairs are not suitable.  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

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