Find a white Scandinavian style chair that matches you

Scandinavian design, originally from Northern European countries and in particular Denmark, is one of the most popular design trends In Belgium. It is characterised by simple and sleek shapes, beautiful objects and, the principle objective, practicality. Minimalist design is another element. Scandinavian design concerns all furniture that can be found in your interior, and includes chairs.

In terms of design, white remains a sure bet. This colour is timeless, clean, luminous, and agrees with all styles. With a white Scandinavian chair, you can’t go wrong. There are different models to satisfy all tastes.

A white Scandinavian style chair in plastic

A true best-seller, the Casie white Scandinavian style chair is unmissable. This chair is really a sure bet, as it is universal and timeless. Directly inspired by the Danish designs of the 50s, this Scandinavian style chair boasts a very comfortable seat and backrest thanks to its armrests. The Casie chair is available in white, but also other colours.

Why should you choose a white Scandinavian style chair? This model with its clean and sober lines offers a light design. The white accentuates the sleek lines. Whether you prefer black feet or natural wood feet, this white Scandinavian style chair is a must have. It will find a place in your kitchen, your dining room, or even in your office! Thanks to its timeless design, you can easily imagine it in a teenager’s bedroom.

What more? This chair is made of polypropylene which is a robust plastic. Not only will it stay with you for a long time, and additionally, it is very easy to maintain. Nothing is simpler! If you think that young children and designer furniture don't mix, this white Scandinavian style chair in plastic will change your opinion.

If you are not convinced by the model with armrests, let yourself be tempted by the Emina white Scandinavian style chair. This white Scandinavian style chair is directly inspired by the previous model. It has the same characteristics: timeless design, elegant, and yet easy to maintain. If you are looking for a set of white Scandinavian chairs for your dining room, this model will be love at first sight.

A white Scandinavian style lounge chair

If you are searching for a unique piece to decorate a relaxing space in your living room, the White Plastic white Scandinavian style lounge chair is perhaps a rare gem. It is a sober and sleek designer chair which embodies Scandinavian style. If you fear making a mistake in your choice of furniture, know that this white Scandinavian style chair is a timeless and universal model which will easily integrate into your interior. Ergonomic, the White Plastic lounge chair marries comfort and design perfectly. You can easily imagine it in a living room as well as a bedroom or even a professional space.

A white Scandinavian chair for designer decoration

If you’re bolder, we offer the Cocoon armchair. More than a simple white Scandinavian chair, it is a decorative item in its own right. In terms of Scandinavian design, this model is truly iconic. It will perfectly dress an interior which already has some Scandinavian design, a rather sleek and sober interior. 

One thing is certain, this Scandinavian style chair which is more than an armchair invites you to relax and always leaves a mark.

A white wooden Scandinavian style chair

Scandinavian design is not limited to a single model or style as we show in the Wishbone chair. A radically different white Scandinavian style chair to those we have previously seen. This model follows the codes of Scandinavian design by adopting sleek lines and raw materials. This chair offers a white ash frame and a black (or natural) seat in rattan which contrasts perfectly. The semi-circular backrest and wide seat make this chair a very comfortable model which immediately invites you to relax. You can easily imagine it in a living room as a side chair, or around

a table in a dining room. this chair would also be perfectly in place in an entrance hall. It's easy to see that whether you select it in plastic, leather, or wood, the white Scandinavian style chair is a safe bet for your Interior.

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