Diiiz: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: The Great Modernist

The name of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is extremely well-known in architecture circles. This German-born architect designed many famous buildings in the USA and other locations, but is also well-known for his minimalist approach to both architecture and furniture design. Crowning everything is his iconic chair design; the Barcelona Chair. This is a must-have item for designer furniture collectors and it would make a stunning accent chair for a number of different rooms. Let’s take a closer look at Mies’s career and his impact on the worlds of architecture and furniture design.

Early Career

Mies worked alongside many architectural greats in his early career, including Peter Behrens, Le Corbusier, and Walter Gropius. Whilst still constructing the popular neoclassical homes of the 21st century, he began to experiment in a new style which would complement the modern age of industry and steel. He selected a series of principles to use, such as Russian Constructivism, and then brought them together to create an avant-garde approach to building design. He also oversaw the German design school Bauhaus until its closure in 1922.

Moving to the USA shortly before the outbreak of World War 2, he enjoyed considerable success in the city of Chicago and other places, like with the design of the Seagram Building in New York City. However, he is best known for his work in the German Pavilion of the 1929 Barcelona Exposition.

The German Pavilion

Together with Lilly Reich, Mies designed the German Pavilion of the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. This was the entry point and the first thing you were likely to see when entering the German section of the exhibition. Designed to represent the new ideals of the Weimar Republic, it had to involve free plan to help create a thoroughly modern building.

The building was empty save for the statue Alba by Georg Kolbe and Mies and Reich’s masterpiece; the Barcelona Chair. This allowed the building itself to become the exhibit instead of filling the space with other things.

The Barcelona Chair

This simple design has become one of the most iconic chairs ever and many people love to include one in a high-end home. It consists of a seamless steel frame with two leather cushions. It is reminiscent of the Curule chair of Ancient Rome and was designed to be a throne-like chair to appeal to the King of Spain who visited the pavilion.

The chair has a special place in the heart of anyone who loves modern chairs and replicas exist for anyone who wants to incorporate this fine chair without having to pay a premium. It stands out amongst unique chairs by other designers for its simplicity and functionality.

Mies was a great supporter of the phrase “less is more” and that can most definitely be seen when you examine the Barcelona Chair and his wider portfolio of work. His designs are elegant yet simple and help to form a lasting impression on those who experience them. If you are searching for the perfect chair for your home, consider Mies’s Barcelona Chair.

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