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A living room is in many ways that heart of any home, and one of the primary entertaining spaces. It is therefore very important that you light it in the right way. Lighting is one of the best ways you can create a certain ambience or mood within a room and it is never more important than in the living room. Whether you are relaxing or socialising, the right lighting solutions will allow you to create an ideal environment and to perfectly offset your décor.

There are a wide variety of beautiful contemporary lighting solutions available and so you’ll need to carefully consider which are right for your space.  The best lighting designs use a combination of different lighting solutions that work together to create a beautiful, comfortable and practical environment. So build up light in layers throughout the living room carefully considering the options below…

Ceiling Lights

The first consideration for most people is the ceiling light. Even if you don’t intend to have the main lights on a lot of the time, you can use the ceiling light as a stunning centre piece. 

From an eye-catching modern pendant to an elaborate contemporary chandelier, the ceiling light can create a talking point for visitors. And you can use low level bulbs or a dimmer switch to moderate what can otherwise be too harsh or global a light source. If wisely chose, the right fixture can create a powerful design statement in the room regardless.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical. They not only save space, but can used to create very dramatic focal points within a room. For example, you might choose to position a painting or table featuring objet d’art underneath. Think carefully about whether to use shades of glass diffusers because this will affect the type and intensity of the light.

Floor Lamps

A floor lampis an extremely versatile option that generally offers more adjustable light than most other options. Floor lamps can not only be easily relocated when you might want to mix things up, but they are also available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, many of which allow you to point light in several directions at any given time. This allows you to create a number of flexible focal points and reduce shadows in key areas of the room.

Table Lamps

While table lamps typically take up more space than some other options, they can create a powerful design statement – especially when used in pairs to create a pleasing sense balance on either side of a sofa or unit. They are a fantastic opportunity to create pockets of soft light for curling in a corner with a good book, or to offset the light from a TV when watching your favorite movie. 

Always carefully consider the overall theme and style of your room and choose material and textures that fit well within your over aesthetic, o perhaps pointedly contract to it. Play around with different high and low-level lighting options until you create the perfect balance. Before you know it, you will have the living room of your dreams.

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