Arne Jacobsen: iconic, timeless Scandinavian furniture

Arne Jacobsen, one of the greatest designers of the 20th century

A native of Copenhagen, Arne Jacobsen is known to have strongly influenced the Scandinavian functionalist movement by laying the foundations of Danish organic modernism.

Architect by profession, it was mainly in Denmark that Arne Jacobsen made his mark in architecture and the world of furniture. His designer creations are still sold all over the world today. The Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair became the best-selling piece of Danish furniture in the world with 5,000,000 chairs produced. Design houses such as Fritz Hansen, Carl Hanson, and Vitra now sell Arne Jacobsen furniture and lighting.

More that 40 years after the death of this incredible Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen still has a strong influence on Scandinavian and world furniture.

The Diiiz selection of AJ lighting and Arne Jacobsen inspired chairs for a successful Scandinavian interior

To decorate your interior and bring it a timeless Scandinavian identity, Diiiz offers a selection of retro furniture by designer Arne JacobsenIn this Arne Jacobsen inspired range, you will find three models of light fixtures ranging from the Arne Jacobsen AJ wall lamp, to the Arne Jacobsen AJ floor lamp and the AJ desk lamp. These three Arne Jacobsen lamps are available in black or white.

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All of the Arne Jacobsen lights have a flexible shade to precisely direct the light. The Arne Jacobsen lamps allow you to have a unique iconic and contemporary lamp at an affordable price. The Arne Jacobsen floor lamp will be perfect in the interior design of an entrance hall or a bedroom. The AJ floor lamp with its angled stem and swivel shade is the ideal floor lamp to place close to your sofa or your Arne Jacobsen Egg Lounge Chair.

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Several models of the Retro lounge Chairs from the Diiiz collection are inspired by Arne Jacobsen. The first model is the Arne Jacobsen 3313 Egg chair. Originally produced by Fritz Hansen, this replica of the 3313 Egg swivel lounge chair was designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson hotel in Copenhagen. Arne Jacobsen was in charge of the interior design. The Diiiz replica of the 3313 Egg armchair will fit perfectly into a sitting area or next to a coffee table in a library.

 The egg shape of the Arne Jacobsen 3313 Egg chair gives it a comfortable and welcoming appearance of Scandinavian design.

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Another iconic chair model by Arne Jacobsen is the Swan AJ 3320 Arne Jacobsen chair by Diiiz. The rounded curves of the Swan 3320 chair give it a light and very comfortable appearance. This replica of the Swan chair by Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen is available in leather, fabric, or cashmere. This AJ Swan chair will easily integrate with the decoration of your living room or your welcome hall. Position a plaid or faux fur cushion on this Swan 3320 chair and it will become a typically Scandinavian decorative element. The Swan 3320 chair replica has a moulded and padded synthetic shell and a polished aluminium foot. The upholstery of the Swan 3320 chair by Arne Jacobsen is available in a wide range of cashmere fabrics.

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The replica of the Arne Jacobsen Lily chair by Diiiz, with its flared backrest, can be used as a modern kitchen or dining room chair. This model of design chair will combine easily with other models such as the famous Ant chair by Arne Jacobsen or even the Series 7 chair by Arne Jacobsen which is quite similar to the Lily model by Diiiz. These Scandinavian style chair can be combined with one another or mixed with other models in Diiiz’s collection of designer chairs.

If you are looking for timeless furniture that will withstand any trends, the Arne Jacobsen inspired range is made for your interior!

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Diiiz’s Arne Jacobsen creations: simple, warm and comfortable Scandinavian furniture

Scandinavian furniture and the Arne Jacobsen style have dominated our interiors since the 1960s. The key words of this Scandinavian style are: aesthetics, simplicity, and functionality. Arne Jacobsen is a perfect representation of this philosophy.

The Scandinavian furniture style was originally designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of the inhabitants of Scandinavia. In various Nordic countries the winter periods are harsh, days are short and the temperatures drop very low. Due to this, the people sought to counter these negative effects of winter by creating a warm and comfortable interior decoration style in particular, to be practical in the restricted space of the typical northern homes. Arne Jacobsen well understood all of this and applied it to his creations. In fact, for the manufacture of his chairs, Arne Jacobsen favoured the used of wood, fabric, and cashmere for a warmer touch.

In summary, Scandinavian style can be defined as a set of furniture, small decorations, materials and colours which, when brought together, tend towards relaxation and well-being.

Arne Jacobsen furniture: a timeless trend that fits!

Trends rapidly fade, but fashion is an eternal beginning. This rule is also valid for the interior decoration sector. However, it is a generalisation that does not touch Scandinavian design and the creations of Arne Jacobsen, which by their simplicity and cocooning style, are outside of this game and remain timeless. Arne Jacobsen’s creations such as the Arne Jacobsen 3313 Egg Chair and the Arne Jacobsen Swan 3320 chair fit many interiors and successfully integrate with new trendy interiors.

Having an interior decorative style focussed on one style can quickly be tiring and redundant. This is why Diiiz suggests combining several decorative styles to create an interior suited to you. Arne Jacobsen furniture goes very well in an industrial style thanks to common materials such as wood and metal. The Arne Jacobsen Swan chair for example, will bring a touch of warmth to an industrial interior. But be careful, it’s important to find a happy medium to avoid having too much of one style!

Integrate Scandinavian design into your interior with Arne Jacobsen: easy and not old fashioned at all!

The creations of the great names of Scandinavian design such as the Finnish Eero Saarinen and Eero Aarnio and the designers Verner Panton and Arne Jacobsen are timeless and bring some unique personality to your interior. Scandinavian style is easily recognisable by its colours and materials.


As far as colours go, the red cashmere Egg chair will add a pop art side to your loft or apartment. An off-white AJ Egg chair will bring brightness to the room. You can pair them with an Arne Jacobsen Swan chair in a pastel colourThe Arne Jacobsen Swan and Egg chairs are available in a variety of colours ranging from muted to the brightest.

Diiiz offers a collection of posters with geometric shapes in Nordic designs, posters in a natural Scandinavian style, and also frames with graphic patterns and mountainous landscapes


For materials, opt for natural materials such as wood, preferably light, or metal. The Arne Jacobsen Ant chair is the perfect mix. The wood will bring a warm aspect to the room. Combine your Arne Jacobsen chairs with a marble Tulip table and Arne Jacobsen floor lamp for a successful Scandinavian style.

If you are a lover of timeless interior design, Arne Jacobsen’s Scandinavian furniture is made for you.


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