5 double beds from Diiiz for a trendy bedroom!

In this new article, we present 5 double beds (160x200cm) from the new Diiiz double bed collection 2019. For its 2019 collection, Diiiz dared to focus on high headboards, for a surprising result in the bedroom!
Discover 5 bedrooms for 5 different well-being environments.

Did you think that high and majestic double beds were only seen in luxury hotels? Diiiz has a range of double beds (160cm) available in more than 8 colours. All of these bedframes are available in stock and deliverable in two weeks anywhere in the European Union.

Retro, modern, chic or Scandinavian, your room must look like you and feel like a place where you feel good!’

This article includes decoration tips on the choice of your double bedframe and also the choice of your bedside tables, arrangement of accent lamps and colours.

1. The trendy and elegant bedroom With Cannes double bedframe (160cm)

Cannes double bed: 499 euros (available in light or dark grey)

The Cannes double bed is inspired by the recent models of double beds with upholstered headboards presented by Italian fashion houses. This fabric double bedframe is a true success! The cushioned structure of the headboard makes it modern while the quality of the finish makes it a true luxury king size double bed.

In terms of atmosphere, this bedroom has character. Half of the main wall of the bedroom is yellow. The style of this room is asymmetrical. The frame is not centred above the headboard either.

For this bedroom, we refused to use two identical bedside lamps. An Arne Jacobsen bedside lamp was used for the right side of the bed while a Stealth pendant lamp was placed on the left. The bedside tables are also mismatched and complete this exceptional matrimonial bed.

The Cannes 160x200cm bed is available in a double bed (160cm) which corresponds to the Queen size bed which is the most used in Europe (160x200cm). The King size bed model (180x200cm) is available only on request.

2. The yellow touch for a modern bedroom! The Volex double bed (160cm)


Volex double bed: 499 euros >> (available in yellow fabric)

A yellow double bed? Very few of us would even dare. The result in this room however, is fabulous! The Volex double bed is the centrepiece in this room. The walls are painted completely white bringing out the double bed and the decorative elements.

A large lattice rug has been placed either side of the double bed. In this interior, the Volex bed stands out as surprising design work! 

The Volex double bed headboard is embellished with two comfortable cushions. You can sit comfortably to read a book or have breakfast.

In this bedroom we also champion asymmetry. An AJ Arne Jacobsen bedside lamp has been placed on the left hand side of the bed, while the black Flower Pot Panton Pendant lamps decorate the right side.

It is no longer necessary to only use ‘bedside tables’ as ‘bedside tables’. Feel free to choose a piece of solid wood or a pretty side table such as the Hola side table or the Lady Diiiz coffee table which are available in black or gold.

The Volex double bed is available in yellow or anthracite grey fabric. A choice of two colours for successful decoration of your bedroom!

3. The Zen bedroom in a Scandinavian style ! The Jellybean double bed

Welcome to the Nordic world of the Jellybean double bed. A nugget in the Diiiz double bed  collection. The Jellybean double bed in light grey is reminiscent of Scandinavian style furniture. The bedframe in light grey fabric and the 4 feet in natural wood reminds us of the importance of anchoring our surroundings in nature.


Jellybean double bed: 489 euros (available in light grey)

The walls of this Scandinavian style bedroom have been painted in very light grey. The night stands are also mismatched. The Hola side table is used as a bedside table on the right side of the Jellybean double bed. The Arne Jacobsen lamp is placed on the left side of the bed, on a bedside table of solid wood. Two Verner Panton Flower Pot pendant lamps are suspended on the right hand side.

Scandinavian design has the ability to give us a feeling of warmth inside when it is extremely cold outside. The gamble of this room is successful. By limiting it to only two colours: grey and black, this room manages to give us the feeling of warmth and wellbeing.

4. A luxury velvet double bed in a loft room. The Zurich double bed (grey fabric) 

The Zurich double bed is the most majestic of the Diiz double bed collection. With a 121cm high headboard, the Zurich bed  is worthy of the most beautiful beds of 5 star hotels. The Zurich bed frame is padded with blue velvet or grey fabric. This bed would be suited in a private home or as a professional bed for the hotel industry. 

In this 4th interior, we have integrated the blue velvet double bed in a loft interior. The aim of this combination is to fight the theory that we can get fixed when laying out our bedrooms: in 2019, there are no taboos, even for our rooms! This interior combines a luxurious velvet double bed with classic connotations with a modern interior in a Loft style. 

Two wall lights were used as bedside lamps: the Serge Mouille wall lamp with one arm. These Serge Mouille wall lamps can save floor space and are also two real decorative items on the wall.

Zurich double bed: 529 euros (grey frabric or blue velvet)

5. The advantages of a luxurious double bed in a compact room. The Zurich double bed

In this final room, the Zurich double bed sits in the centre of a warmly coloured room. Despite the narrowness of this room, the choice of the red/burgundy colour on the walls gives a sensation of comfort and originality. 

To save space on the floor, we also recommend the use of the Serge Mouille wall lamp with two arms as bedside lamps. Other wall lamps are also available in the wall lamp section of Diiiz.

The advantage to using wall lamps in the bedroom  is saving floor space and lighting which can be brought to the top of your bed!

Feel free to place more than two cushions on your bed: 4 to 6 cushions can easily be placed around your pillows! 

This Zurich double bed is also an excellent candidate for a bed and breakfast or a charming cottage.

Zurich double beds: 529 euros >>> grey fabric

 If you enjoyed this article, discover the collection of Diiiz double beds in our double bed section


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All comments (15)

Gregory Dellicour

La chambre numéro 4 est superbe. La couleur de la tête de lit est tellement tendance. Il a l’air tellement confortable! Top!

le crabe croustillant / antoine

j’adore la deuxième, la couleur, les plantes ... chargé mais pas trop! en plus, comme Amael la préfére aussi, j’aurai peut-être une chance de dormir dans ce beau lit avec lui! hâte de gagner la lampe et de la photographier dans notre jolie maison! bravo et merci


Bon rapport qualité prix design

Andy Ingels

Volex in dark grey (nr. 2) please! Gorgeous!

Amaël Hazza

J'adore la numéro 2!!! Minimaliste avec juste ce qu'il faut de couleur et de plantes. Et surtout ma lampe préférée by Arne Jacobsen

Julie delpigne

Le lit jelly been en gris clair! Jadore le style Scandinave de la chambre! Avec une lampe tom dixon doree!

Daphné Hye de Crom

I love the yellow touch for a modern bedroom!! Very inspiring!! I would love to win the Flower Pot pendant lamp !!


Number 2!


Pour moi le style moderne et le lilt jaune sans hésiter. Mon choix va pour la suspension Acorn.


J’adore le style scandinave de la chambre 3. C’est tendance, et ce que je recherche pour ma nouvelle chambre

Tessa Giuliani

Le lit Jellybean avec la lampe de chevet AJ sans hésitation !

Marie Defrasne

J'adore le style loft avec le lit en velour blue ! Tellement tendance ! J'en cherche 1 justement et accompagné d'une belle lampe Verner Panton :-D

Kristina Vanlomp

I like the luxurious style with the Zurich bed that looks so comfy ! :-) I would love to win the Fat Lamp in Black and Gold !!!

roberto mongiovi

I like the Zurich bed in Blue velvet ! I would love to win the Flower Pot pendant lamp!

James Othwarck

Thanks for the Very inspiring Article! I really love the First Bedroom configuration! The Husk Inspired Double Bed is stunning! I would love to win the AJ Jacobsen lamp too! https://www.diiiz.com/en/bedside-lamps-or-desk-lamps/2581-arne-jacobsen-aj-desk-lamp-aj-300-replica.html#/235-couleurs-black

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