Beat FAT Pendant Light Tom Dixon BLACK & COPPER

inspired by Tom Dixon
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Beat FAT Pendant Light Tom Dixon BLACK & COPPER - Diiiz Replica 

The FAT Pendant light designed by Tom Dixon is inspired by the famous ‘Beat Light’ collection. This collection contains four different lamp shades.

The Beat Fat light is made out of aluminium. The exterior of the shade is black which gives this light a very modern and industrial appearance. The inside of the shade is golden.

The contrasting colours and the original shape of the shade are key elements in the Beat light collection. All of the pieces are inspired by pans, glass and copper recipients from the Far East. Diiiz’s products are all made by hand and the shades are the result of a thorough shaping of the metal.

The golden colour inside the shade of the Beat Fat lamp allows light to be reflected into the entire room, creating a soft and warm shade of lighting.

Other items from this collection are available on the website. The Tom Dixon Wide lamp, the Tom Dixon Tall lamp and the Tom Dixon stout lamp.

The various models of this suspension light collection can be mixed and used in the same room. Coherence in style will be ensured as the four lights have the same colours. The variety in shape will bring a touch of originality to any room.

This is a modern light shade that can be used as a suspension lamp in a hotel, a trendy bar or as a living room lamp. This pending lamp shade will bring elegance and style to your interior.

We also offer a lamp stool that combines these different lamp shades, please take a look at it here multiple shade lamp post by Tom Dixon and to the white version. 


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Beat FAT Pendant Light Tom Dixon BLACK & COPPER

Design Pendant Light inspired by the Tom Dixon Beat FAT Pendant Light.

Diiiz has recreated a suspension light made in aluminium. The exterior of the shade is black and the inside of the shade is golden. This modern lamp is a surprising contrast of colors.

Mix the different shapes of the Beat Light Collection to embellish your interior

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