Jorge Pensi (1946-)

« Creator of avant-garde and innovative designs »

Jorge Pensi is of Argentinian origin and studied architecture in Buenos Aires. He finished his studies in 1971 and left his country to move to Spain.

He created the ‘Berenguer Group’ with Alberto Liévore, Norberto Chaves and Oriol Pibernat. In 1984, Jorge Pensi created his own workshop.

Jorge Pensi won many design awards for his creations. His masterpiece was the Toledo chair which was made out of aluminum. This creation allowed Jorge Pensi to gain international recognition outside of Spain. In 1993, he taught in several different schools and collaborated as a designer and architect with a series of international companies.

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Toledo Chair Jorgen Pensi Replica 129 €

Toledo Chair Jorgen Pensi Replica

inspired by Jorge Pensi

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