Mart Stam (1899-1986)




Mart Stam was born in the Netherlands in 1899. He is one of the most important architects and designers of the modern era. Mart Stam studied at the Royal School for Advanced Studies in Amsterdam and worked until 1922 in an architectural firm in the Netherlands. 

In Berlin, Mart Stam, devised the cantilever chair using lengths of standard gas pipe and standard pipe joint fittings. When Ludwig Mies van der Rohe became aware of his work, he told Marcel Breuer who created variations of the cantilever chair. In the late 20’s, Breuer and Stam were involved in a lawsuit in the German court, both claiming to be the inventor of the basic cantilever chair. In 1950, Mart Stam became the director of the Advanced Institute of Art in Berlin.

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Cantilever Chair S33 Mart Stam 299 €

Cantilever Chair S33 Mart Stam

inspired by Mart Stam

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