Poul Henningsen (1894-1967)

« A true architect of light. »

Poul Henningsen is a Danish designer (known as PH in Denmark) born in 1894.

After unsuccessfully studying architecture, PH developed a passion for electric lamps.  He created the well-known ‘PH Lamp’ series. These lamps were designed with multiple concentric shades (PH5 lamp) and were an immediate success. According to several sources, nearly one Dane out of 2 owned a PH5 lamp!

Henningsen’s impressive work on light led him to create the Artichoke lamp, a real masterpiece which is made of a series of copper leaves that prevent direct contact with the light source.

Since 1924, his creations have been edited by Louis Poulsen.

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Artichoke Pendant light Poul Henningsen

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