A word from the founders

What brought you to our site is the search for a design piece of furniture or a design object. Clearly we share an interest in design, beauty and quality !

As everybody knows all beautiful things have a price ...and our wish is to reduce that price to a minimum.

Our Diiiz sales portal makes purchasing quality contemporary design furniture truly accessible. We provide our clients with direct access to the manufacturer. Avoiding intermediaries enables us to offer attractive prices for quality customized pieces.

All models featured on our website Diiiz can be made to measure on demand; you choose the covering, colour and material and we produce it for you and deliver within 120 days !

We do our utmost to provide quality products and excellent service. Satisfied customers are our guarantee of continuity. Quality is achieved through the selection of materials that meet the highest requirements for durability and comfort. Focused attention is given at every stage of production and delivery to our warehouse.

We strive to maintain a clear, functional and enjoyable website. If you have questions on the models, coverings, delivery time and estimate for a lay out and decoration project, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, our team will respond as quickly as possible.

This said, we now let you discover the world of Diiiz.

Enjoy your shopping !

About us

Why the name « DiiiZ » ?

DiiiZ refers to the word "Design" and is a tribute to the great furniture designers of the twentieth century.

Why the 3 « i » ?

The 3 "i" represent the three founders who are passionate about "intelligent design" and decoration and fond of discoveries in this field!

Where did our passion come from?

The idea of DiiiZ emerged through extensive travelling in Europe, Asia and the United States; visiting luxury hotels, organising conferences and events in international exhibition halls, that is what kindled our passion for contemporary furniture.

And a desire to sustain this passion using our experience in international trade and logistics led us to launch Diiiz.

We hope to share our passion with you and help you concretely fulfil your wishes through our products !

Our philosophy

The Diiiz concept


Wherever you are - at home, in the office or on holiday - acquiring the object you like is made easy! Whether it is a sudden fancy or a considered decision, the DiiiZ team can assist you at every step of your thinking.


Our mission is to offer to professional and private buyers furniture inspired by the 20th century creations at the best price for high quality, along with customised service.


To make purchasing quality design furniture widely accessible

Our strength

Is that we are the direct link between your wishes and the manufacturer

Our motto

Quality, service, refinement and originality !

Our priority

You !

The customer is our no.1 priority.

DiiiZ Team






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